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Oct 25, 2006 03:06 PM

Looking for great food and fun atmosphere

Our tiny company (14 ppl with guests) is looking to have a holiday dinner party in Boston. We want to have incredible food but also want to be able to hang out and party a little after. Is it possible to satisfy both requests at one location? If no, then within walking distance of each other?

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  1. Need more info to help you out, e.g. preferred location(parking or not), type of food, w&b &/or hard stuff-great cocktails, ?private room for dining, type of bar scene, noise-level, etc.

    1. Rialto in the Charles Hotel in Harvard Square has a great room for small parties. The food is dynamite and after you could catch a drink at Noir (also in the hotel) or the bar at Casablanca (nearby), or a multitude of other HQ bars.