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Oct 25, 2006 02:56 PM

Help with a Southern Menu

Hi everyone I'm working on a southern style menu for a big party that I'm having in November. Here is what I'm having so far:


Fried Chicken
Fried Catfish
Slow Cooked BBQ Pork (?)

Mac & Cheese
Collard Greens
Candied Yams
Beans & Rice



As you can see I need some help with Apps, I just want some good finger foods with a southern touch. Also what kind of Dessert would be good? We are having a birthday cake but we would also like some something else.

For the entrees we were thinking of adding a slow cooked BBQ Pork dish, but I'm still looking for one more suggestion.

We want a signature drink and my wife doesn't like Mint Juleps so we need something besides that. We would like to serve it in a punch bowl so we were thinking of something like planter's punch or lynchburg lemonade.

I'm just looking for some advice to tidy up the menu, this is going to be a serve yourself buffett type of dinner. Any other suggestions are welcome too.


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  1. I see pork BBQ but no coleslaw. I think that to serve one without the other might be against the law. As for apps. For some reason pigs in a blanket popped into my head as soon as I read the post. Or maybe fried okra.

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      Oh yeah - pigs in a blanket are great! I get the "Little Smokies" miniature sausages and then just cut up bits of crescent roll pastry.

      Another thing I thought of was pimiento cheese spread on crackers or celery sticks.

      1. re: bolivianita

        "FRIED GREEN TOMATOES" for an hors d'oeuvre

        Biscotti-encrusted fried green tomatoes with a goat cheese mousse, smoky-flavored corn salsa and a blackened poblano pepper and scallion-spiked cream. The tower of Southern/Mediterranean/Mexican ingredients melds into simple lip-smacking deliciousness. <GRIN>

      2. Definitely need some slaw -

        for apps:
        Fried Okra
        Fried Green Tomatos

        Pecan Pie
        A good Fruit pie

        Sweet Tea - This is a must you can not get this anywhere but in the south
        Mint Juleps - really anyhting with bourbon

        1. For appetizers fried okra and hushpuppies are a must. Paula Dean has a great recipe for hushpuppies, and I like Alton Brown's recipe for fried okra.

          Pecan Pie is a must for dessert, especially with Bourbon added to it :). I would also check out Paula Dean's books for dessert recipes. She has great Southern dessert recipes.

          For drinks...What's a great Southern meal without Sweet Tea??? Lemonade is also a good idea. What's wrong with Mint Juleps? Your wife doesn't have to drink them, but I bet your other quests would appreciate them.

          Also, I see cornbread, but no biscuits??? Gotta have biscuits.

          1. stuffed eggs, or deviled eggs, for appetizers?

            1. Thanks for the suggestions so far they've been great We are going to make sweet tea for sure I just forgot to add it to the original.

              We are not having a bartender, is it possible to make a large scale mint julep?

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                Yes, you can make it by the pitcher and all people will have to do is put mint and ice in a cup and pour.
                Deviled eggs are a must but they need sweet pickle relish in them. Very southern where I go.