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Oct 25, 2006 02:36 PM


Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a real, high-quality hazelnut coffee. You know, the kind that has nothing to do with that awful, sweet syrup they use at Starbucks.

I'm looking for the kind that has some ground hazlenuts in it. In NYC, Balducci's made a good hazlenut coffee. Smooth, with a slight buttery taste. You can definitely taste the hazlenuts.

CAN ANYONE DIRECT ME TO THE RIGHT PLACE??! Trader Joe's version is not it.

Many thanks!!

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    1. Gloria Jeans generally has good flavored coffee, and their hazelnut is excellent. I don't drink it, but I buy it regularly for family members. I think the closest one is in the Westminster Mall.

      1. The Cow's End in Venice on Washington Blvd. has Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee that's pretty good. It's made straight from beans with no syrup added. I think it's pretty good, but have no real comparison. You can buy the beans as well so you can brew up a pot of your own at home.

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          I've been on a search for a similar thing. I'll check out the Cow's End. Thanks!

        2. Thanks to you all for responding... I was beginning to lose hope. Venice rules!! Don't know where Westminster Mall is, so will Google it.