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Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for a real, high-quality hazelnut coffee. You know, the kind that has nothing to do with that awful, sweet syrup they use at Starbucks.

I'm looking for the kind that has some ground hazlenuts in it. In NYC, Balducci's made a good hazlenut coffee. Smooth, with a slight buttery taste. You can definitely taste the hazlenuts.

CAN ANYONE DIRECT ME TO THE RIGHT PLACE??! Trader Joe's version is not it.

Many thanks!!

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    1. Gloria Jeans generally has good flavored coffee, and their hazelnut is excellent. I don't drink it, but I buy it regularly for family members. I think the closest one is in the Westminster Mall.

      1. The Cow's End in Venice on Washington Blvd. has Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee that's pretty good. It's made straight from beans with no syrup added. I think it's pretty good, but have no real comparison. You can buy the beans as well so you can brew up a pot of your own at home.

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          I've been on a search for a similar thing. I'll check out the Cow's End. Thanks!

        2. Thanks to you all for responding... I was beginning to lose hope. Venice rules!! Don't know where Westminster Mall is, so will Google it.


            1. i would never say it was impossible that you bought hazelnut coffee with real hazelnuts in it, but it is highly unlikely. flavored coffees are made by spraying artificial flavor essences on the beans after roasting and drying them. grinding nuts and boiling them would not yield enough flavor to compete with the strength of coffee. if the nuts were included, they were for visual appeal, not for flavor.

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                seconded, grounded nuts would also lose flavor way too fast --

                Of course, an easy way to get "real" hazelnut coffee was for you to grind the nuts with the beans at home (though like Fed says, it'd take a large amount of nuts to yield noticeable flavor)


              2. You guys are probably right about that. But either way they add the flavoring, I think you'd get a better, more natural seeming flavor by brewing it rather than using syrups. Next time I stop by the Cow's End I'll try to find out were they get their beans.

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                  I agree. Anytime somebody tries to give me one made with syrup, I just give it back.

                2. I wonder about toasting actual hazelnuts and trying that. It might be that some hazelnuts are roast with coffee... roasting brings out so much flavor I wouldn't be surprised if that would/does flavor coffee.

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                    interesting and perhaps true, but to do that you have to start with raw hazelnuts (the majority on the market are already roasted), otherwise you'll get burnt hazelnut taste.

                  2. After a quick search on the internet I think you'll be disappointed to know that maybe there aren't even real hazlenuts used in making hazlenut flavored coffee. Like the poster said above...flavored coffees are made from chemical solvents to taste like a certain flavor. Hazlenut is the most popular flavored coffee.


                    Maybe you should just mail order it from Balducci's if you like it so much or you'll be doing a lot of searching.


                    1. Gloria Jeans also has a mail-order and website. I'll give them a try. $12.99 sounds pretty reasonable for a decent hazlenut, especially since it's so hard to find in LA!

                      1. Just as an additional two cents to this topic, usually if a)a flavor is being added to create a flavored coffee or b)if indeed real hazelnuts are being added, which is very doubtful for the reasons stated above, the beans being used aren't very good. Why, you may ask? Because if you're going to mask the quality of beans by method a or method b then why would you use your best beans? You wouldn't? Ask your favorite roaster, or specialty coffee store...ask them if they'd use their best beans in a flavored coffee, or would they use some of their less than premium lots and estates?

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                          i, too, lilke flavored coffee on occasion.
                          indeed, with flavored coffee there is no need to use top flight beans. it would be like making long island iced tea with premium liquor--a waste of good-quality liquor.

                        2. I usually don't drink flavored coffee out but sometimes at home/work I’ll make really strong cinnamon coffee; I layer coffee with a lot of ground cinnamon in the basket and brew as usual. Yum! Maybe you could add hazelnut extract or paste to the coffee grounds before brewing?

                          1. http://www.irvingfarm.com/index.cfm?c...

                            Irving Farm makes naturally flavored coffees. I am getting some for a Christmas gift for my finicky boss as she loves hazelnut coffee. Try it!

                            1. http://www.sfbaycoffee.com/sfbayshop/...
                              Yet another producer which uses wild German hazelnuts and dairy cream to naturally flavor their hazelnut beans. If you are ever in Southern CA, try having hazelnut iced coffee at Lily's Bakery, a Vietnamese cafe/bakery. It is too yummy.

                              1. you could say that about a number of foods.
                                to follow your logic, there should be no need to flavor any food (i.e.chicken, tofu, pasta, etc.) after all, they each have their own flavor, right?

                                1. Thanks for all of your great suggestions!