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Oct 25, 2006 02:34 PM


How many plates would one need to have dinner at Cava? Closer to 3 or closer to 6? What would you say the average bill is? Is it a good place to go with a group (6 or so) or is it more for couples/tables of 4? Any info appreciated.

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  1. "It All depends"... but to be specific there are dishes like the "popcorn" for $3.50 that are very small, quick and snacky but great to get the pallets going.. But dishes like the baked beans and the baked pasta which are larger and more filling for $13 - $16 range.. if i remember correctly. I would order a bunch of snacky stuff as apps, then probably 2 dishes per person and a couple of the meat platters (especially in a large group people can share more). I went with a friend and was shocked on how inexpensive the bill was (but cannot remember the total somewhere just over $100 i think) and we had 4 - 5 dishes each.

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      Our bill topped $150 (for two) with modest amounts of wine. Which is about the same as I spend at Lee. Which is why I've been going to Lee since. And the noise level (at both) is such that you'd have difficulty being heard at opposite ends of your group - we had difficulty even hearing the server.

    2. I agree- 4-5 dishes pp would be lots of food. Look down on my last post about the great meal I had there on Monday night- someone posted a good link for more info- good luck!

      1. Save your money and go to JKWB.

        Unless something has seriously changed (service and/or food), the only reason to go is the chicken/squab liver mousse.

        JKWB has better wines, similarly priced food (and better), better experience. Bring a high salt tolerance, most things are aggressively seasoned.