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Best Online Spice Store

I want to buy bulk spices online and make my own containers of dried herbs and spices. Anyone have a good source?

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    1. re: Katie Nell

      penzey's is my favorite along with bulkfoods on line

    2. WWW.PENDERYS.COM It is a small company and the products are really rfresh. I buy at the Penzy's store when I am near one for convenience sake but Penzy's is where I get my best dried herbs, speces and chilis.

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        penzey's for me as well. very happy with the quality, service and price. been using them for years, not one single complaint. and happily, they have opened a store in philadelphia, which should be a hit!

        i don't know of any other spot to get spices online, but would be curious to hear if anyone has used anyone else and what their comments are.


        1. re: Candy

          Sorry, I meant to say Penderry's is where I get my best etc.

          1. re: Candy

            Agreed on Pendery's. And they're very hard to beat when it comes to powdered chiles.

          2. SFHERB.COM has probably the lowest prices for herbs, spices, and bulk teas. I did comparison pricing when I managed an herb and tea store and they had the best prices.

            1. Does this apply for salt as well?? We've been using a sea salt from Utah and are almost out. Would like to buy more but can't find it easily in the GWN


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                If the salt that you are using is RealSalt from Redmond Trading Company in Heber City, Utah, then you can buy it online at http://www.realsalt.com/shop/

              2. I like Penzey's a lot, but I also use Zingerman's for some unusual items like fennel pollen, grains of paradise, and urfa and marash peppers from Turkey. I have also had good results with The Spice House.

                  1. re: megsluvsfood

                    I just used Penzey's for my first online order, and their service was quick and flawless.

                    My local natural food store carries some of the bulk line provided by Frontier herbs. I did not use them for this order, but only because the combo I was looking for priced out better with Penzey's, plus I wanted to give P's a try since so many folks recommend them. However, I would totally recommend the website that Frontier has, with LOTS of good info on each spice (which P's lacks), and also recipes to get a feel for the spice's applications. Their spices that I buy at retail are excellent.


                    Also ran into many interesting companies when I ran "juniper berries" thru the Froogle engine at Google.

                    Here's nice site for jars and containers:


                  2. I like the spices from The Spice House in Milwaukee, WI www.thespicehouse.com or from another site www.penzeys.com run by members of the same family. The spices are very fresh and their spice mixtures are interesting and very tasty.

                    I also like the Middle Eastern spices from Whole Spice in San Rafael, CA. www.wholespice.com They also sell some very interesting and unusual spice mixtures that add a lot of taste to stews, kabobs, breads, and other dishes.

                    All of these places are highly recommended.

                    1. I really like the Spice House with Penzey's being a really close second. The Spice House is owned by Tom and Patty Erd. Patty Erd is Bill Penzey's sister. The Spice House was founded by Bill and Patty's mom and dad. Basically it is THE original Penzey's. You will find some blends there that you will not find at Penzey's. But then again you will find blends at Penzey's that you will not find at the Spice House. I have been to both Penzey's and to the Spice House and while I find myself unable to leave either within a reasonable amount of time, I found myself more impressed with the Spice House. Bill Penzey is really (as of late) motivated to make Penzey's a national name while you really got the feeling that Tom and Patty Erd were more focused on each individual customer. Give them a try www.thespicehouse.com

                      1. Another vote for Penzey's here. The products are excellent (who knew cinnamon could taste like that?), the prices are reasonable, and the customer service, by both phone and email, is friendly and responsive.

                        I haven't tried their spice mixes, but will do so based upon what I read here.

                        1. The Atlantic Spice Company (http://www.atlanticspice.com) or SF herb (mentioned up there, pretty sure they're the same company) are top notch product + cheaper, sometimes vastly so, over Penzey's.

                          1. I've tried a few different companies but keep going back to SF Herb Company. Their spices and herbs just seem to have the freshest and best flavor. The only problem with them is there is a shipping minimum ($30, I think).


                            1. I know it's a couple years later...

                              BUT. On a recent trip to Montreal, came across a lovely spice shop in the Marche Jean-Talon. They do internet sales, with a pricey shipping fee, but if you're buying many things it could be worth it. Very unique varieties that I haven't seen anywhere else, and super cute packaging. All the spices come in little paint tins that are light tight and easily resealable.

                              1. I don't know what you people are on but hands down it's http://www.adrianascaravan.com/ all sorts of strange and exotic spices I can't get around here and nice prices.

                                1. 6 years later (but people like me keep stumbling on old posts):
                                  Try myspicesage.com . Good prices, free shipping, sizes from 1 oz. to 10 lb.... many regional spices for ethnic cuisines.

                                    1. I've been shopping at Kalustyans's in NYC for over 20 years and swear by their house chutneys and spices which is available on their website. Their prices are very competitive also.

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                                        I've bought spices from Kalustyan's and was well satisfied.

                                        1. re: Perilagu Khan

                                          They've recently taken over the adjacent space and extended the bulk spices as well as offering a larger selection of traditional cook ware .Went on a Chutney and pomegranate molasses run not too long ago.

                                        2. re: Duppie

                                          Wonderful store! Best in the city by far

                                        3. 1. Get on Penzey's paper catalog list. They'll frequently include coupons for free 1/4 cup spice blends.

                                          2. Get on the Spice House's e-mail mailing list. A few times a year, they'll run free or low cost shipping promotions, and since their normal shipping costs seem to start at $10 per order, the shipping promos are a real deal.

                                          1. www.spicesinc.com is a great place with great quality and price. They have some really different special blends.

                                            1. I have been going to World Spice Merchants for a very long time. Whenever I am in Seattle, I stop in. It is right off the Market. You can order online and they have an amazing selection. Many chefs that I talk to haven't heard of some the great 'discoveries' I have made in their store. www.worldspice.com

                                              Drop me a message if you want any specifics. chris@chefcody.com

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                                                I picked up some spices when I was in town on business. It is a great shop. The people were very helpful.

                                              2. I buy my spices from Penzy's and
                                                savory has some hard to find spices, etc.
                                                long pepper
                                                powdered tomato
                                                dried roses