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Oct 25, 2006 01:16 PM

Peruvian Chicken Joints.....

I'm on a hunt for Peruvian Chicken places in Maryland. I've been to Crisp and Juicy (love their Yucca) and the place on 29 at University (name escapes me). Wheaton should have a fair share of my newly discovered passion, right? Fried Yucca and that spicy, garlicky sauce: a must!


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  1. Pollo Rico is there. I think they have some of the better chicken, but they don't do yucca for some reason.

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    1. re: Dennis S

      El Pollo Rico's chicken is fabulous, but sides are not their thing. I love the green sauce, though. It is on Ennalls Ave. in a strip center just off Viers Mill Rd. just south of University Blvd. It is seriously crowded starting about 11:30 or 12 on Saturday morning -- I've seen lines!

      I also love Crisp & Juicy and their sides are better, and both of their sauces are delicious (dip the yucca).

      I know there are a couple of people who have also recommended Pollo Primo here on the board in the past, but I've never stopped in (Crisp & Juicy is just a few blocks away!). I need to try it soon. Pollo Primo is in the brown-roofed strip center that stretches along the east side of Rockville Pk. just south of Edmonston Rd. Let us know if you try it!

      1. re: Terrie H.

        Just a few doors down from Pollo Rico in that same strip center is another place, I forget the name, (Chicken King????) which has good chicken AND yucca.

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          It's called super chicken - good stuff. I commented on this on the pollo rico thread the other day.

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          Can you get the green sauce aat Crisp and Juicy? I always seem to get a reddish mayonnaise-y sauce when I go, but I'd love to try anything extra...

      2. Junior's Chicken on Summit Avenue in Gaithersburg. Chicken plus other items, like tripe soup. Across the street is a South American bakery

        1. There is a new place in the 200 block of North Charles street, in the group of takeout restaurants next door to the new Superfresh. It is called Y-not Chicken...and it is the best I've ever had...a bit pricey at $11.50 for a whole one, but the green sauce is great and you can get half or quarter chicken meals for a good price...

          1. Chicken Rico on Eastern Avenue in Baltimore's Highlandtown, excellent!

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              hon, once again you have earned your title of my most trusted chowhounder. I've been craving Peruvian chicken for a while now, so last night I made the trek from Federal Hill to Chicken Rico. When I got there they were just selling out of chicken, so I had a 20 minute wait for the fresh stuff to be ready. We stood there and watched the guy stoke the charcoal (!) fires while we waited.

              I got a whole chicken with fries and fried plantains. The fries were nothing special, the plantains were quite good, and the chicken was delicious. It was still too hot to touch even after we'd driven home with it.

              Great stuff. Once again, thank you, and let it be known that L.P. Steamers will never be getting any of my business.

            2. Go to El Pollo Rico! Their chicken is the best I've ever had. My friend calls it crack chicken because it's super addictive!! I think their sides are limited to steak fries, salad, and maybe rice.

              I wish they would open one up in DC because I don't have a car so I never get a chance to have it. Really incredibly good though!!

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              1. re: Elyssa

                The Arlington El Pollo is two blocks from the Virginia Square Metro down Fairfax Drive toward Clarendon and the Wheaton one is slightly longer from the Wheaton Metro, just straight up Veirs Mill.