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Anything else then the usual?

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Trying to find a place to celebrate a special occasion. I've done Susur, Perigee, George, Splendido, JKWB and so forth. Any suggestions out there for a place that has great food (yummy tasting menu?) and even great atmosphere?

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  1. Amuse Bouche. Or pick your very favourite of all the above places you mention and support them!

    1. Canoe! Ask for a table with a western view, and go early, before sunset.
      For a dinner that won't break the bank, Mildred Pierce has excellent food, atmosphere and service.

      1. The Rosebud
        Mirabelle Wine Bar

        1. Habitat on Queen W! Yummy and lovely, chic, relaxed atmosphere with a very informed wait-staff. Quite a bit less 'chi-chi' than some of the other places, but I kind of think more relaxed can be a little more romantic :-)

          1. Sushi Kaji or Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto both do Japanese "tasting menus". Or try a Chinese banquet if you have a group!

            1. To give you a background I do JKWB pretty much every week, Splendido 1-2 times a month, Perigee 2-3 times per quarter, Susur never (I think the restaurant uses less-than-stellar ingredients to save money) and never been to George although it was always on my "to-do" list until Kim Cyr left.

              That said, you can add Batifole. Just good simple south of France bistro with very reasonable prices ($8 apps, $16/24 mains, $8 desserts). Best cassoulet in Toronto, by far.

              I go to Kaji alot, about twice a month and honestly wouldn't waste my time with any other Japanese in Toronto because it all falls short (especially Hashimoto in my experience). If you want Kaiseki and don't want to leave North America, brave LA and go to Urasawa that serves the best Kaiseki in North America. If you can't go to Japan, its the closest thing.

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                Batifole might have the best cassoulet in Toronto, but it still falls short. Nothing here tops the cassoulet at Les Halles in NYC and that may not even be the best in that city.

                I haven't been to Hashimoto since 2003 - I wonder if it has declined since then.

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                  You should try Kaiseki Sakura on Church and Wellesley. They just opened and have only been reviewed by the weekly rags BUT both Eye and NOW gave them a perfect rating, NOW was so impressed that in their next issue (Best of Toronto) they listed them as the best Japaneese in Toronto!. I have never been to Hashimoto (dont have a car) but the food here was incredible like nothing I have ever had. The Chef was the private chef to the Japanese consulate for 10 years and also did a year at Thuet to learn "Toronto fine dining" and how to deal with a larger room of paying customers...

                  Would love to hear how you feel he compares to the others..

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                    If you're looking for Kim, she's at Kultura now..another great new resto!

                  2. Comparing anything in Toronto to NYC is unfair, and if I really want the best cassoulet I'm not going to NYC... I'll just fly to Toulouse and drink some old (well-priced) Madiran while I'm at it. For $24 (at any price here really) and local, Batifole is the best you are going to do.

                    I haven't been to Hashimoto since 02/03 and have no desire to return and the fact that he remains in business is a mystery to me. Japanese do not go there, they go to Kaji. Even though Kaji is not Kaiseki, they prefer good food over the poor Kaiseki meal Hashimoto offers. Honestly, after my Hashimoto meal I didn't know whether to laugh hysterically or cry over the pathetic meal I was served. Having eaten at Kaji over 50 times, never once have I been served a meal that was worse than Hashimoto, and for a Kaiseki meal his tea was HORRIBLE. That speaks volumes about both establishments.

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                      I have been to Hashimoto several times since 02/03 so I am in a better position to confirm that japanese people DO eat there, and I like the food there.

                    2. Diff'strokes for diff'folks.

                      I'm just giving an assessment based on a single experience, people can draw their own conclusions based on the comments of everyone yourself included.

                      A little too much moderation for my liking here, we don't live in North Korea.

                      1. I second Kaji, great food.
                        Great presentation and low key service.
                        It is quiet enough to chat rather than scream at your companion
                        It is also a long evening of tasting, and you never feel rushed.
                        Love the place!