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Oct 25, 2006 01:12 PM

Anything else then the usual?

Trying to find a place to celebrate a special occasion. I've done Susur, Perigee, George, Splendido, JKWB and so forth. Any suggestions out there for a place that has great food (yummy tasting menu?) and even great atmosphere?

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  1. Amuse Bouche. Or pick your very favourite of all the above places you mention and support them!

    1. Canoe! Ask for a table with a western view, and go early, before sunset.
      For a dinner that won't break the bank, Mildred Pierce has excellent food, atmosphere and service.

      1. The Rosebud
        Mirabelle Wine Bar

        1. Habitat on Queen W! Yummy and lovely, chic, relaxed atmosphere with a very informed wait-staff. Quite a bit less 'chi-chi' than some of the other places, but I kind of think more relaxed can be a little more romantic :-)

          1. Sushi Kaji or Kaiseki Yu-Zen Hashimoto both do Japanese "tasting menus". Or try a Chinese banquet if you have a group!