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Oct 25, 2006 12:52 PM

Presunto and Portuguese corn bread

First question: Is presunto the Portuguese version of jamon serrano? If so, does anyone have recommendations about where to get a good version in the Cambridge/Somerville area?

Second, I know that several of the East Cambridge bakeries carry that wonderful, dense but moist, corn bread. Whose is the best?

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Yes. In Portugal presunto is dry cured ham, whereas fiambre is wet cured. In Brazil presunto can just be any old ham (I have heard that fiambre may have a different significance in Brazil, but am not certain. Portuguese presunto I would call "presunto cru" for a Brazilian). So just make sure you don't ask a Brazilian and end up with a boiled ham.

    Its not widely available in stores in East Cambridge or even Portuguese restaurants in the Boston Area. However, I believe both Atasca and O'Cantinho serve it. And it should be easier to buy in Fall River or New Bedford (Sabres or Seabra).

    Broa is portuguese corn bread. Locally I tend to prefer Central Bakery (a storefront to the side of Royal Pastry), but its also available from Casal next to Muqueca.

    1. Thanks, Itaunas, I figured I could count on you for great info! Delving into the recesses of my memory, I think that the excellent broa a friend once brought to my house was from Central Bakery.