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Oct 25, 2006 12:39 PM

Bouillabaisse in Broward/Palm Beach

The weather is turning cooler and my thoughts are turning to bouillabaisse.

Not many restaurants in Broward do it well, if they serve it at all. Just because they call it bouillabaisse doesn't make it the real thing.

Joe's Riverside in Pompano Beach has a nice version, but it looks like that establishement will be closing before long (the site is being redeveloped -- I've heard that they are looking for a new location).

Anyone had excellent bouillabaisse in Broward or Palm Beach counties?

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  1. The bouillabaise at the Sage is very good. We usually share it (it's quite large) and a salad or appetizer. It is not on the everyday menu, but usually offered as a special. You should call ahead and make sure they have it.

    1. If you're willing to accept cioppino as bouillabaise with an Italian accent, I highly recommend Ke'e Grill in Juno Beach. It's pricey and busy in season (no reservations, but check for call ahead), but the food and service are absolutely excellent. My folks live in Palm Beach Gardens and every time my family visits them, we have dinner at least once at Ke'e. Ke'e Grill is at 14020 U.S. Highway 1 near Donald Ross Rd -- Google Map at

      They also have a Kee Grill location in Boca Raton, but I've never eaten there.