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Oct 25, 2006 12:10 PM

buddakan-library room?

Hi there has anyone else been told that they cannot request where they sit when they made their resvervation? Or is it just me..

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  1. Other than where restaurants are actually divided into two different dining entities (e.g., Tabla & Bread Bar), have you ever been able to specify where you sit when you make a reservation?

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    1. re: jakew8

      Yes. One example is Blue Hill, which has a dining area out back which I always try to avoid. Restaurants with striking views from certain tables, or with outside dining areas, will sometimes accept requests for specific seating; some will not; some will just say that they'll make a note but won't guarantee it.

      There is no harm asking.

    2. may have been that I was being naive, its just that there have been a few threads and some articles/reviews that differentiate between the rooms and suggest which ones to ask for, so I thought it was an option...