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Weather's turning grey and cold. Time for cassoulet. Any recommendations in the Portland area?

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  1. When it is on the menu, I have found the cassoulet at Ken's Place to be the best in town.

    1. I really enjoyed the cassoulet at Roux when it was on the menu. It was the best I'd had in town. I've never had Ken's, but I do remember him saying something about making confit soon, so perhaps it's going to be put on the menu soon.

      1. Yeah, I can see that, because one thing that makes Ken's so good is his choice of sausage, and Roux probably uses a good andouille.

        1. At any rate, the guys at Viande are making some this week. You can order ahead. simpaticacatering.com

          1. Are they on the Fall or Winter menu????

            1. Wrote the guys at Simpatica. They're out of cassoulet.

              1. Cafe Campagne's got it on their menu for Lunch and Dinner. I've noticed though that their house garlic sausage (not merguez) are less garlicky than the ones from years past.

                1. Should you not want to drive three hours north, Seattle's Cafe Campagne will actually send their cassoulet to you:

                  1. I just noticed the other night that Laurelwood now has cassoulet on their menu - you heard right: the kid friendly brewpub. I expect it to be rubbish, but I'll try it and post the results!

                    Le Bouchon had a nice one last year, but I haven't been there since.

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                      We ended up going to Laurelwood last night for dinner - what a coicidence. I had the cassoulet and it wasn't bad as food goes, but it certainly wasn't cassoulet. More like a beef soup/stew with ham and pork. Oh well...

                    2. If you are talking about Le Bouchon in Wallingford on 45th, I regret to inform you that they have been closed for quite a while now. They had a great Paella too...

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                        No, the one on NW 14th b/t Glisan and Hoyt. Nice place!

                      2. The cassoulet at Carafe (in Portland) is wonderful!

                        1. I'll try the cassoulet at Carafe.