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Oct 25, 2006 09:09 AM

Caribbean / Jamaican and Chinese groceries

Anyone know of any good Caribbean / Jamaican (or better still a Jamaican/Chinse restaurant) in Durham or anywhere else in the Triangle? I found a great site but don't know if anyone has tried any of the places listed on it... They can't all be horrible because some of my old fav's from Miami are in their Miami list.
Also, green coconuts for drinking the water? Plaintains should be easily found in some of the groceries right?

Chinese groceries - authentic ones where I can find veggies, spices, chinese sausage, etc?

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  1. For Chinese groceries in Durham it's Asia Market on 15-501 Business next to Guglhupf bakery. It's small and non-descript but it's actually quite well stocked and the prices are very good. But the best place in the Triangle is Grand Asia market in Cary. It is the size of a regular grocery store with a deli, bakery, and seafood department (which can get smelly at times).

    You may also find the following link helpful:

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      Thanks for that link on the markets!! It was exactly what I was looking for and I don't believe I had seen that in all my was like hitting gold ;-)

    2. Plantains are best found in Mexican markets since you'll find everything from green to beautifully overripe. Harris Teeter will have them, but they're overpriced and their color is anyone's guess. They tend to put them in the reduced price/nearly rotted veggie display when they're just getting the right ripeness for maduros.

      Callaloo can sometimes be had in season at Jamaica Marketplace in Raleigh but they do not carry produce, just some dry goods (realiable source for Walker's Woods products).

      El Mandado in Raleigh also recently had "white" coconuts. The availability of their produce is not consistent. Grand Asia, however, is consistently good and very fairly priced.