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Oct 25, 2006 08:51 AM

How long can you keep cookie dough?

Ok, so if I want to make cookies Thursday night, but don't have a whole lot of time, would it be ok to make the dough on Tuesday and keep it in the fridge till Thursday?

I see that refrigerator cookies (which can be kept in the fridge before baking for up to a week) contain eggs. So it doesn't seem to be a question of food poisoning. And I know that recipes containing baking powder shouldn't be kept too long before baking. The recipe in question (which is the double chocolate brownie cookie recipe posted the other day by Katie Nell) contains eggs but no chemical leavening.

Your thoughts?

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  1. You can keep it a couple days in the fridge no problem, but what I do is when I make the dough, I form it into balls and put them on a cookie sheet, which I then freeze. When the balls are hard, I transfer them to a baggie. They keep a VERY long time, and then you can just take out as many as you want to bake that day. Bake at the same regular temp, but a minute or two longer. No need to defrost!

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      This is exactly what I do as well, and actually have done with the brownie cookies in question, and it works incredibly well! I love having cookie dough balls in the freezer for those occasions when I think "oh crap! I forgot to make something for the work potluck tomorrow!" Hope you like the them!

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        Fantastic! I actually did make the dough yesterday afternoon. It tastes great, though the chocolate/sugar mixture seemed to seize when I added the eggs. Maybe I didn't let it cool enough first (eggs were room temp)? I beat in a little cold butter and that seemed to help, and it seemed fine when I put it in the fridge. Can't wait to try making them tomorrow!

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          Hhmmm... I don't know... I don't remember if I've had that problem before or not. I'm sure they will still taste good!

    2. i can't seem to find this recipe in the old post. can you re-post it or link to the old post? it sounds fab! Thanks!

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      1. How long can you keep it?...hmmm. Not so long in this house as we are all big dough fans and eat about 1/3 of it before it gets baked. Freezing works really well because its so much harder to scoop with a spoon so it doesn't disappear before the oven gets hot. I freeze lots of sweets. That way I have to actually plan ahead to it them and it makes them last a lot longer.

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          Cookie dough that has been double wrapped and frozen in a airtight container should easily last 3 months in most residential freezers. I like to preform them into cookie-sized balls or a log.