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Oct 25, 2006 06:12 AM

Non-pho Vietnameese soups in the San Gabriel Valley

Hi, I'd like to explore the Vietnamese soup world beyond pho, and Westminster is too far for me to get to. Where in the SGV serves good Banh Canh, Hu Tieu, etc.?

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  1. You can get excellent Hu Tieu in Kim Ky Noodle House. It's a Chiu Chou/Vietnamese place. You can find a short review here:

    I don't know about Banh Canh, though.

    1. Try Chau's Kitchen.

      107 East Valley Blvd., San Gabriel

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        We were at Chau's Kitchen last weekend. I had the hieu tiu (glass noodles with bbq pork) and my husband had the tamarind chicken soup. Both were served piping hot and delicious. HOWEVER, both were loaded with MSG or an MSG derivative. We left and shortly after we felt the classic MSG symptoms: headache, tightness behind eyeballs, dry throat, even worse headached. We were fine after a couple of hours. I mention this for the chowhounds who are MSG sensitive.