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Recommendations for three day trip to Napa and Sonoma?

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We have three days. What are the best places to have lunch and to have dinner in the Napa and Sonoma areas?

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  1. My favorite lunch is outdoors on the patio at Bouchon in Yountville. Cyrus is red hot at the moment, at least in the MSM, but I haven't been. NB: It is challenging to have dinner in one county if your staying in the other. You may want to plan accordingly.

    1. The Bounty Hunter Wine Bar is a fun place in downtown Napa. I'd also recommend Bistro Don Giovanni on the outside edge of Napa. My wife and I had a great meal there this past August. Taylor's Automatic Refresher in St. Helena, could be a good stop for lunch. Finally if the weather is nice, buy some cheese (I like Vella Cheese Co. in Sonoma), sausage, crusty bread, olive oil, olives, <- you get the idea, and of course a good bottle of wine or two and find a place for a picnic lunch. Too many great spots to name.

      1. I highly recommend a visit to Round Pond for a unique, informative and delicious olive oil tasting.
        For dining, I recommend Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen and Bouchon.
        Avoid Bistro Jeanty at all costs.

        1. I had a delicious dinner at Pilar just a few weeks ago, it's in Napa. I would highly recommend it, from food to service, everything was wonderful. They're also open for lunch.

          I also had a great lunch at Angele, also in Napa, near the river.

          1. Definitely agree about Bouchon - wonderful. And awesome burgers at Taylor's Refresher - double YUM!!