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Oct 25, 2006 04:06 AM

Going to Nova Scotia and PEI out of season

I've never posted anything anywhere before. So here's my first: my husband and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary with a trip to the Maritimes, beginning Sat, Oct 28. I need help finding good places to eat on Cape Breton Island and PEI next week because of it being so late in the year. From what I read most places are closed for the season. We would love to hear any suggestions but "when in Rome"..... seafood is what we love and cheap places locals love are even better.

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  1. We loved the Water Prince Corner Shop in Charlottetown when we were there in July. Great little family joint. Fantastic lobster rolls, fried clams and steamed mussels. Their homemade strawberry rhubarb pie was delicious also. Give them a call first to make sure they're open. Here's their website:

    1. thanks; sound delicious; how were the prices

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        Really good. One lunch with the fried clams and fries, the lobster roll with an amazing potato salad, a dozen fresh oysters and a slice of the strawberry rhubarb pie with a couple of soft drinks cost $50.00 total including tax and tip. Have a great trip and congrats!

      2. I don't eat a lot of seafood. That is the disclaimer. I can tell you that the best beer in PEI is at the Gahan House, a brewpub in downtown Charlottetown. It is owned by Murphy's Restaurant Group, and their wine person is oone of the best in Atlantic Canada, a trained sommelier named Linda Dickey.

        I have not eaten the food in their other places (The Gahan was OK, upscale pub food), but I can tell you that the wine selection ought to be good in the others....

        They include

        Fishbone's Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill, Off Broadway, and 42nd Street Lounge upstairs from Off Broadway, where I have enjoyed the Jazz and drinks menu. If I lived in Charlottetown, I'd live at the Gahan and Off Broadway (and at a couple bootleggers too, I spose...)

        1. The waterprince shop is closed for the season. But try the Pilot House or the Merchantman Pub. Both are right downtown close to the Delta and have good food. I prefer the Pilot house but my husband prefers the Merchantman. Neither are open on sundays...