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Oct 25, 2006 03:58 AM

italian sausage sandwich in seattle

where can I get an authentic yummy hot italian sausage sandwich in seattle?

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    I have not tried their sausage sandwich, but I do enjoy their cheesesteaks

      1. Actually I have never been there, but I have heard that Da Pino on Rainier has some great sausage. I went to Salumis recently and they don't have a "hot italian sausage" sandwich really if you are looking for a link style sausage. They do make some killer authentic italian sandwiches and a few variations on things as well.

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          I made the long drive down to Pino's in response to some praiseful press, but was not impressed.

        2. By a large margin, my favorite is Cucina de Santis (1759 First Ave S, 587-4222). Michael makes his own amazing sausage, grills large patties to order, and serves on a nice focaccia with cheese, red sauce, and sauteed peppers. If you're really hungry the second time you go, try the calzone.

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          1. re: not the bad Steve

            Is Cucina de Santis the place that I see that is set back off the street?

            1. re: Lauren

              It is the leftmost orange awning in this photo, which shows the area North of S Holgate St. between 1st Ave. S and Utah Ave. S:


          2. Uli's in the market is pretty much my favorite all-around sausage-maker in the country. They'll grill you any of their wurst on a roll to order for lunch. Perfect for german sausage or merguez, but if you want onions and peppers you're on your own.

            (I'll still take Uli's hot italian grilled to any place in town that I've tried; the merguez is even better.)

            I will have to try de Santis. I've passed that place before and wondered about it.

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              I heard Uli's is expanding, but don't know details...
              Not long ago, I treated myself to a freezer-stocking trip to Uli's and bought a couple of everything so my wife and I could try them all. The winner was the marguez, though they were all good, especially the spicy ones.

              1. re: mrnelso

                Old thread, but an Uli's expansion? I'll keep an eye out.

                I still think his merguez, kielbasa, and thuringer rostbratwurst are tops, but he sure has some clunkers in there. His English bangers are all wrong, and I'm not wild about the fruit-bearing sausages.

                I'd be thrilled if his expansion meant he could start doing blood sausages. I bet he'd do a fine boudin noir or griebenwurst.

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                  uli says he is planning to expand his product line to include smoked and cured products - he will be moving all his production to the new facility and hopes the market will permit him to convert his current space to a beer garden featuring (of course) his own goodies

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                    Funny - My original post was not entirely accurate, as I passed on the bangers and the fruity ones...Thanks for the affirmation.