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Oct 25, 2006 03:52 AM

Chicago deep dish pizza. New Yorker has a question about ordering from NYC

I want to order deep dish pizza, but I don't know where to get it from. I need suggestions.

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  1. depending on which type of pizza you want:

    For Lou Malnatis


    for Ginos East and Edwardos

    1. I served my friend from New York pizza from "Gepetto's (located in Oak Park) and he can't get enough of it when he comes into town. Says it's better than New York pizza (and that's quite a compliment when a New Yorker says something is better in a different city).

      1. Uno & Due, as well as Lou Malnattis. Stay away from Gino's & Girodonos.

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        1. re: chavez

          Sorry but I have to disagree with you and here’s why.

          To order Uno's is a waste of money, since there is a chain in virtually every city and especially in NY so why get a frozen pizza for $30 when you can get it fresh at the restaurant or pick it up there par baked for $15?

          Since Lou Malnatti’s, Gino’s East & Giordano’s are available to Chicago only, it would make sense for our New Yorker to probably order in from one these guys so they could get one of the “other guy” pies.

          And since we all know that all Chicago pizza is kick butt anyway, any of the above listed pies would do this person justice, including Giordano’s which BTW is top 10 material in my book, and been voted #1 by many a pizza fan over the years much the same as Lou’s.

          1. re: abf005

            I will also attest to getting frozen Lou's in college and they were delicious - granted not as good as eating in their locations but pretty darn tasty from out of the oven.

            1. re: abf005

              The pizza product put out by Unos chain you refer to has nothing to do with the real Uno or Dues pizza here in Chicago. I remember the first (well, the ONLY time) I ate at the chain, I think in North Carolina. I was looking forward to the real deal that I grew up with. Boy, was I disappointed!

              Sorry, but if the only "Uno's" pizza you've ever had is from the chain, you have no idea what what a real Uno or Due pizza is like.

              1. re: chicgail

                chicgail: I'm not sure what you read into this post but I will clarify:

                I have indeed been to both Uno & Duo in downtown Chicago dozens of times over the last 30 years. I have also eaten at almost every major deep dish & stuffed pizzeria in the Chicagoland area. I seriously doubt there are very many hounds on this board that can post more knowledgeably on this topic than I.

                I agree that the despicable Boston based chain of Uno Chicago bar & grill is vastly inferior to that of the original two Uno & Due Pizzeria locations downtown.

                ******** BUT: this was a frozen pizza question! ************

                So please see my response below:

                If the choice for the OP who in located New York, wants to reheat and cook a frozen deep dish pizza at home Vs. going to a local Uno's chain. I still contend that he will be getting an inferior product to fresh no matter what.

                So in the name of recommending a better quality choice, my response to the question was; eat frozen Uno's at home? or the par-baked semi fresh at the chain?? Given that scenario, I'd still grudgingly give the nod to the chain with the real pizza oven and deep dish pans...

                1. re: abf005

                  I appreciate your point of view abf005 and I understand the distinction you are making. Not sure, however, that I agree. Either way it is definitely a compromised product. I think I would still lean toward the frozen bona fide Unos/Dues.

                  1. re: chicgail

                    Fair enough!

                    I wonder if the same factory is cranking out pizzas from two side by side production lines! On one side the line sends out cheese pizzas destined to be reheated at the chains, and on the other, it sends them into boxes destined for the grocers frozen shelves or mail order...

          2. go to the following links;

   for pizza

   for Chicago style; Italian Beef sandwiches, ribs, hot dogs, etc.

            1. The chain Uno's are ABSOLUTELY NOT THE SAME as the original Uno's and Due's. I can't count how many people have said they hate Chicago pizza because they went to their fake Uno's and had some garbage pizza.

              All the famous places will mail you a frozen pizza, but it's pretty pricey. I recommend Uno's sausage. Call the original restaurant at 312-321-1000 and ask about ordering. is the site for the evil franchised chain, not the real one.

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              1. re: scoobyhed

                I do agree that IF you are in Chicago, and IF you want real Uno's it is imperative that you go to the Downtown Uno/Duo location.

                But once it hits the freezer, I believe all bets are off. Because after that, nothing else comes even close. The fact is that any frozen pie sent in the mail or picked up at a grocer could never be better than one fresh cooked at even at an inferior satellite franchise.

                I get my frozen Uno's at Woodman's which has theirs made at the Madison, WI location. And if anyone remembers, this was something like the 3rd Uno's, and the first 5-10 Uno's satellites were actually pretty good, until they flipped over to the evil Chicago Grill concept.

                The problem is re-cooking any frozen pie to the exact right doness and getting the desired results; a perfectly flaky crust and no soggy center. I've done many a pie at home, and from several different Chicago places, and as good as some have turned out they just don't equal even the crappy Gurnee Uno's Chicago Grill. Pizza stones, deep dish pans, cast iron pans just don't equal a real pizza oven.

                The most successful setup I've ever had for cooking frozen deep dish, is a cast iron skillet with a little olive oil on the bottom and on my Weber at full blast after a 15 min warm up!