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Oct 25, 2006 03:46 AM

Sunday night @ Rendezvous!

The husband and I went to Rendezvous for the first time on Sunday, and we very much enjoyed our experience there. I'm not sure if I'm adding anything new to the recent raves, but here are some bits from our experience:

1. The prix fixe menu - $33 on sundays with a red or white available by the glass for $7, by the carafe for $18 (not $16 as listed online). As you can see from the link below, the prix fixe menu isn't the entire menu, but it's pretty close. Lots of choices, and several of the recommendations from this boards are available.

2. The food - We shared the bluefish cakes, grilled sardines, fish stew, swordfish, apple fritters, and chocolate cake. All were cooked well and properly seasoned. The bluefish cakes and the fish stew were the big standouts. I wish there was a bit more shellfish in the stew, but maybe I was just being greedy. We drank every drop! The bluefish cakes were enhanced by the cucumber-mint salad. The sardines and the swordfish were pleasant and simple, not terribly special. Like a previous poster, I have to comment that even the bread basket was great--crusty yet soft. I'm not much of a dessert person, but they were both pretty, simple, and tasty.

3. The service - I might have read something about service being off when it first opened, but the staff was very polite and attentive. They were almost too polite. When I made a crack about our waiter asking for our IDs, he profusely apologized and explained that there's some sort of crackdown. (I just laughed it off. It's a compliment!) He also was able to confirm quickly from the kitchen that there wouldn't be cilantro in my husband's dishes. The other servers were also polite and friendly.

4. The atmosphere - It was louder than I expected, and I could hear every word of the conversations on either side of us. However, the transformation of the Burger King is simply amazing! It really is a beautiful room totally packed by 7 pm.

Most of the recs I've seen from this board have been for the fish here. Maybe the next time I venture out on a Sunday, I'll try the duck three ways or one of the other non-seafood dishes. Anyone have much experience with these?

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  1. I was there last night and had a wonderful experience. The bluefish cakes, recommended by our waiter, were fabulous. My friends chose apps of celeriac salad and oysters and were very pleased. We all ordered the pork entree with a grilled fig, moustarda and chard - and were delighted with our choice. For dessert two of us shared an ethereal apple fritter with a cider sauce and ice cream.
    I had been warned about the noise level, but did not find it to be a problem. Our attentive (and cute) waiter explained that they had just installed some acoustical tiles which seemed to work well.
    Prices were very fair for quality and quantity of the food.
    I so enjoyed the evening that I made res. for Sat. night with my hubby.

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      I was there last night too and had a similar awesome esperience.Took my best pal out to dinner for her birthday. Our waitress, Cherry was absolutely delightful and helped us choose our aps and entrees. I had the bluefish cakes that knocked my sox off. Even tho I wanted to devour all of it I saved some so hubs could try it too. Then had the roasted cod over brussel sprouts, apple, cider sauce. My pal had the vegetarian lasagna made up of goat cheese, spinach, noodles and squash . We were perfectly sated so had cappacino and opted out of dessert. Our waitress brought us dessert wine (on the house) and a candle for the celebration. The food ,service and atmosphere were impeccable and as noted the prices VERY reasonable for a high end night for 2 suburbanites. Me too...can't wait to go back w hubs.

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        Cherry has worked at a number of places around the city---Henrietta's Table and the Blue Room for sure. She's really great, super-friendly, and knows her food.

    2. The duck 3 ways is very very good. I've had it three times. The first when it was called something else on the menu... maybe more traditional cassoulet with some pork instead of all duck? It's always been incredibly tasty though the salt tends to vary, sometimes too much other times too little. Steak Frites is great but not what's worth getting at this place. The chicken was surprisingly delicious. Once I had am amazing smokey pork entree but it has since disappeared from the menu.

      I think the real stand-outs on this menu, aside from the fish stew, are the appetizers. Both hot and cold are fantastic. I tend to get the vegetable antipasto which varies by season and always has something like 13 different little vegetables in their own delightful preparations beautifully positioned on the plate. It really looks like an artists paint palate with a great big dollop of eggplant puree in the middle. Very VERY good with the awesome Iggy's bread. Great to share with friends!

      Also excellent are the various salad apps-- light and refreshing. If you want to go raw the Tuna tartare is really excellent, not overpowered by sauce and jsut the right small sized portion. They seem to keep it on the menu and change the prep (same as the East Coast Grill) but I've had it twice and it has been excellent. The other raw fish I had here was a disappointment -- can't even recall what it was but white and tasteless. Tuna is good though again not as good as the AMAZING vegetable antipasto plate.

      Desserts here are soso. Not too creative or interesting and the e Lemon Buttermilk dessert you can always get AYCE at the Sunday brunch at the Blue room. I'd go with the cheese for dessert- comes with great onion jam, fig spread and spicy nuts (I think).

      Cocktails are pretty good too though I'd stay away from the "tomato water" because it tasted a little iffy. Some of the cocktails are very sweet so if you don't like that watch out. Excellent wine specials on Sunday night as others have pointed out already.

      Waiters know their stuff so don't forget to ask for suggestions!