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grilling cook book

My parents just got me a wonderful gift -- a five-burner gas grill, including a side burner. I've done a little bit of charcoal grilling and I'm a pretty good cook generally, but I'd love a grilling cookbook or two to give me some basic tips and inspiration. I know that the Chris Schlesinger books really focus on charcoal, so maybe a few other ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Weber puts out a couple of good ones. I got one at Lowe's.

    This one is considered a standard by a lot of people, but you should be aware that it has a lot of world-wide recipes.
    The Barbecue! Bible (Hardcover
    )by Steven Raichlen

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      My favourite is Steven Raichlen's The Barbecue Bible. Everything I've made from it has turned out great.

      Particularly memorable are the now-ubiquitous Beer Can Chicken, and the Turkey Pastrami, which has the flavour and texture of pastrami without the fat and nitrites.

      The most memorable, however, is the 5-hour brisket. Friends of mine who I served it to as far back as 5 years ago are still talking (and salivating) about it.

    2. I love The Barbecue Bible too, but I'm more inclined to recommend starting with Raichlen's "How to Grill". It has tons of color photos, of techniques as much as the finished dishes.

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        I have both of these cookbooks and would recommend the "How to Grill" for a novice griller, but I truly think the "Barbecue Bible" is one of the best cookbooks I've ever owned. I love the variety of recipes and would recommend it over "How to Grill" for someone who knows his/her way around the grill a bit. Both are great!

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          From all of the great replies I've gotten (thanks everyone!) I took a look on amazon and ended up following your advice -- I ordered both of Raichlen's books and can't wait to start grilling!

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            I am sure you will love them!

            My favorites from the Barbeque Bible:

            ~Bademiya's Justly Famous Chile-Coriander Chicken
            ~The Kalbi Kui Korean Grilled Short Ribs recipe is good, but the instructions on how to 'butterfly" short ribs is even more valuable
            ~Cuban Christmas Eve "Pig" is incredible -- I almost always use pork shoulder instead of leg because it is cheap, but it is great on pork loin, too
            ~His version of Yassa Chicken with Lemon Mustard Sauce is delicious
            ~Chorizo Grilled Mushrooms are one of the most popular appetizers I've ever done
            ~Bahamian-Style Whole Grilled Snapper is my 'go to" basic method for grilling whole fish.

            That should keep you busy for a while.....

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              To pile on: Raichlen's books are great, esp for a rank beginner. I also recommend his "Beer Can Chicken" book. The recipes are good, but he includes a very detailed methodology for beer can chicken. If you follow his tips/technique, it becomes a near fool-proof item.

      2. I bought "The Cook's Illustrated Guide To Grilling And Barbecue: A Practical Guide for the Outdoor Cook" for a friend with a new grill last year, and he loves it. I love everything he cooks on it! Great illustrations for techniques, tons of recipes and variations on recipes. It goes through grilling pretty much everything, and in typical Cook's Illustrated fashion, it tells you why you should do each step of a recipes (or which ones you can skip for time).

        Happy Grilling!

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          I second this cook book. Very informative.

          1. Schlesinger's "Thrill of the Grill" has FANTASTIC recipes. Been using for a couple of years. DW makes stuff out of it as well. What a THRILL for me when I sometimes get home from work and one of Schlesinger's recipes is crankin' away. :-)))

            1. yeah, i love schlesinger's books too-- but he eschews gas almost completely (which i do, too, unless i have a ton of people coming over--then i fire up the behemoth that my dad gave me as a late housewarming...). for gas, believe it or not, bobby flay's books have some decent recipes in there--as long as you won't get tired of the sweet hot sweet hot sweet hot mantra that has made bobby famous.

              1. There is a cookbook called the "Barbeque Bible" I forget the author but I saw him on TV - he runs this BBQ "university" seminar where people pay big bucks to learn barbequeing - so I guess he must be really good. You could go to amazon or used book sites and search the title.

                1. I have about 10 grilling cookbooks. (Grilling, smoking, etc...)The best by far is one Chimayo Joe mentioned "Weber's Big Book of Grilling". Great recipes. Great pictures. Very thorough in every area of food you could possibly think of grilling. It gives you the "basics" on how-to-grill, smoking, sauces, tips for beginners, techniques on direct and indirect grilling, etc. You will love this book!!!

                  1. Yeah, I second the Weber Grilling Book. I bought mine at a Chicago Osco Store. I've made a couple of the rubs and a few other recipes. The flavors were excellent.

                    I just ordered the Steven Raichlen Barbacue Bible. The Latin Recipe book looks very interesting as well.

                    I highly recommend that you buy S.Raichlen's Island Spice & Lone Star Rubs. They're incredible. Most other packaged rubs have been dissapointing.