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Oct 25, 2006 03:20 AM

La Bonne Boufe in Encintas?

Any good? Ive been hankering for some good French Bistro food, as Tapenade used to be my birthday dinner of choice (its been a few years though since Ive been lucky to go there).

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  1. La Bonne Boufe is on my list for quite some time and I have heard good things about the restaurant. For French Bistro you might also look at La Bastide in Scripps Ranch:

    1. if you're looking for good French bistro, definitely check out Cavaillon in Santaluz. It's near the 15 and 56 freeways. Small, cozy place with very good food. Reminds me of a less formal Tapenade and less pricey to boot.

      The Winesellar and Brasserie in Sorrento Valley also does French, although I liked my dinner at Cavaillon better. My entree at W & B was surprisingly underseasoned. I am going back next week and hoping that it'll be a better experience.

      Cafe Chloe in the East Village/ballpark area has good French bistro. Small menu but everything is well executed. Less pricey than Cavaillon and W & B. Also a tad more casual (wine bar, outdoor seating). Best pomme frites I've ever had!

      1. We have been there twice. Alot of attitude. We thought the first time was a lark. Nope!

        My wife and I were both born in Switzerland ( the French part ). It did not help. Food was OK.