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Oct 25, 2006 03:03 AM

Where to eat before a 8pm symphony concert?

Mr H and I are going to the symphony tomorrow (Weds evening), and although it is near my office and so I eat lunch in the area frequently, I admit to being baffled about where to go for a relatively quick, no overly heavy or overly pricy dinner. Your suggestions?

Love Russian Tea Time, but want something lighter. Ate at the Thai place on Michigan last time, but we eat Thai all the time, and would like something else. Lots of sandwich places, but that doesn't seem like what I want either. I'm sure there must be something that I am overlooking because I only eat lunch, not dinner in the area. (And don't suggest-- what is the pizza and pasta place on Washington or Randolph? We ate there this summer and had the worst service ever.)

Many thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Several years ago, I used to go to the bar at Rhapsody, which is a separate room from the dining room. You can order appetizers, dessert and wine by the glass, which was a perfect pre-concert meal for me. You'd need to call to make sure they still have this service.

    1. What about the Big Downtown at the Palmer House?

      1. Try Miller's Pub. It's around the corner from Symphony Center, has an old time feel, is reasonably priced and they will get you in and out quickly.

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          This in fact is what we did. However, we both ordered sauerbraten, which came with red cabbage and a potato pancake, and it left something to be desired. We paid $3.25 extra each for a "dinner salad" which was a small bowl of slightly aged romaine and iceberg, with two cherry tomatoes and maybe a few shreds of something else-- not really awful, but $3.25 extra??? And then the sauerbraten-- decent, but not great, a little bland and gloppy. The cabbage-- well, okay, my family is German, and I make a fantastic version, so I'll give them a pass on this. But the potato pancake was one of the worst I've ever had, bad texture, no flavor, I've had much better frozen.

          I don't know if this meal was typical of Miller's, if we just ordered the wrong thing, or if we hit a bad night??

          1. re: Anne H

            Despite the name, Miller's is not a German restaurant. The less ethnic options are much better. Ribs are their specialty.