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Oct 25, 2006 02:50 AM

London: 3 dinners, 3 lunches

We shortly will be in London for a long weekend. Looking for modern British, modern European cuisine, prefer produce focus and locally-sourced ingredients, neighborhood or stylish atmosphere, entry meal cost (a la of £35.00 or less. We are staying at Earl's Court but will happily hop on the tube or walk a ways for good meal and atmosphere.

Places already mentioned on this board that sound good: Launceton Place, Konstam. Places I've noted on Squaremeal that sound good: The Brackenbury, About Thyme, Footstool Restaurant, The Burlington, Rosa's Dining Room, S & M Café. More traditional places that look good are Medcalf, Gryphon at Walrus & Carpenter, George.

Am I on the right track? Opinions? Suggestions? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Had dinner at The Eagle (159 Farringdon Road, EC1R 3AL) two weeks ago. It's still good. If you don't mind a little noise and cramped conditions (and of course ordering at the bar). Calves Livers in a vinegar sauce over toast with Arugula salad was tremendous.

    1. To be blunt, most of the places on the square meal list are not on the radar and the ones I know are not on the radar for a reason. My last meal at The Brakenbury was a bit of a disaster

      The S&M Cafe is predicated on sausage and mash, but there are better places to get that in the city. Canteen in Spitalfield's does a decent version

      LP is definitely worth a try. I would not say it focuses on local ingredients but definitely on seasonal ingredients shown to their best effect. I have not tried their set lunch but others speak well of it.

      Local ingredients in London is different to everywhere else in the country as it tends ( as all capital cities do, I guess ) to treat the rest of the country as its back garden.

      Look for places that are offering seasonal menus with some game, autumnal vegetables etc on the menu. That way, I think you will find some really interesting meals with things you may not get back home.

      At your budget, I would think you could try places like LP for lunch where they offer a set menu and perhaps some of the better gastropubs in the evening where prices are less nosebleed inducing.

      The Eagle is good although I think The Fox on Tabernacle St ( near Old St tube ) is the best I go to at the moment. The cooking is very good and the menu changes daily with what great ingredients they can find. A meal for two with a bottle of wine and coffee will be about £50-60.

      In Chiswick, I was impressed with the cooking At Sam's Brasserie and I think that should definitely be worth a visit

      If you have the gumption to trek East, I had a very decent meal at Bistrotheque just off Mare St last week

      There is, of course, the much mentioned Anchor & Hope to which I am a recent convert

      I hope some of these help and report back


      1. a second on the anchor and hope (no reservations, so if it's two of you and you want to sit together but not at a communal table, get there before they start serving dinner for a drink)

        for lunches, some of the fine dining places do great set-menu lunch deals. for example pied a terre, which is one of my favorites in london, does a set menu for £35. well worth it!