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Oct 25, 2006 02:33 AM

Good market specializing in Milanesa-style cuts

I've decided to make my own milanesa-style sandwhich and need a place that serves the right cut of meat. I'm just about totally ignorant of the subject so I'll be completely in the hands of the butcher. So to speak.

Anywhere in LA if fine.

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  1. Marconda's in the Farmers Market has some Milanese style as well as Piedmontese.

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      Orthodox (recommended!):
      El Camaguey Market
      10925 Venice Blvd - Los Angeles, CA

      High End (Expensive, but tricky):
      European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen
      9109 W Olympic Blvd (Cross Street: Doheny Drive)
      Beverly Hills, CA 90212
      (310) 276-1331
      The trick here is to ask for the veal milanesa, but only if cut by hand by their mexican employee; the german owners won't cut it right, or even worst, will put the veal in the machine slicer.

      Fancy (Stay away from):
      Whole Foods. They have a cut called "milanesa", but it's hopeless.

      (Sorry: this should've been posted as reply to broncosaurus, not cls. New board bug, I guess..)

    2. The one at Gigante is perfect for it... they even sell some pre breaded (Although I like to add more breading at home. Also they sell Chicken Milanesa as well..


      1. I like Odonos meat market in East Los Angeles. It is a small butcher shop that cuts meat al gusto-to order.

        1. Thanks to all for the recs. Think I'll try Venice blvd, then Gigante, then...

          1. I take it this is the argentine cut.

            catalina market at Western just south of Santa monica (argentine butchers)

            Carniceria Argentina - victory just east of colfax, north hollywood. good cuts - also other argentine cuts, products (argentine cut marrow gut, fugazza pizza-ish stuff)

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              Now I should've thought about Catalina, since I go there for the subs. tasty little empanadas too.