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kid friendly italian resto

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my son is turning 10 tomorrow and wants to have pizza and pasta (spag and meatballs being his favorite). he wants to go to boston pizza and, needless to say, i'm not too thrilled.

any other recs that will make him and his brother happy but at the same time have something for hubby and i? we're in midtown BTW but are willing to drive a bit.

thanks in advance!

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  1. I have just the place for you. Grazie, on Yonge, a couple of blocks north of Eglinton. Loud in a southern-Italian way, friendly and tasty. http://www.grazie.ca/

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      Go to Ferraros on Eglinton between Avenue and Spadina. Very basic food, but incredibly kid friendly. Salads aren't bad, pizza's not bad but the gnocchi is made by Mama Ferraro and is great. Decent homemade bolognese sauce aswell

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        Sorry - tried to respond to the main post but there was no "post my reply" button.

        I'd suggest Terroni - Yonge and Balmoral location is very family-oriented. The only thing is they don't have spaghetti and meatballs but they do have spaghetti and tomato sauce (and other pastas) along with killer thin-crust pizzas. Excellent salads. Very friendly service too.

      2. I would recommend Rocco's Plum Tomato at (Bloor/Bathurst) or The Hot House on Front St East.

        1. Take him to Boston Pizza. It's one night and it's his birthday.

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            this is exactly what we did :-) he wanted BP and since it was his birthday, it was his choice. the food was blah but at least i know he had fun! which is the most important thing anyways. but thanks for all the recs, guys. we'll try them out another night :-)

          2. You are a terrific parent! I hope you enjoy your next Italian food outing and may I second the endorsement for Grazie!

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            1. GRAZIE! Yes.

              However, it is his birthday, so maybe you should go to Boston Pizza. Although I will admit to talking my son out of Chuckee Cheese for the past few years, so I'm not one to talk.

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                At least Chuck E. Cheese let's adults into the ballroom. Nothing like a coupla beers and then shoving yourself through a plastic chute.

              2. Just so you have hope that life is not an endless series of Boston Pizza, Chuckee Cheese, Big Macs...despite our own dedication to multi-cultural food variety at home, our daughter growing up in TO, had two birthdays at the Organ Grinder (which, is, I trust, mercifully, deceased)and many at Chuckee Cheese. I recall thinking that we were never going to enjoy a meal out with her.

                Last weekend, for her 24th birthday, we went to a wonderful restaurant of her choosing where she conferred knowledgably with the waiter and sommelier on the wine selections, the degree of al dente of the gnocchi, the spicing of the cassoulet and the medium used to poach the pears. She makes her own bread from scratch, knows prosecco from proscuitto, how to cook a winkle and where to buy the best free-range capon. So, for those of you who are parents and see yourself with endless rounds of pizza ahead, relax and enjoy, knowing there is a great (albeit much more expensive) table waiting for you!

                1. We always enjoy Romangia Mia on Front and George