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Oct 25, 2006 02:12 AM

NEWPORT, RI dining

I will be in Newport from late friday eve to sunday afternoon.
I have 2 questions that maybe somone can answer.

1. Any late night dining options? (Not Brick Alley Pub)
2. I need a fantastic restaurant for Saturday evening that wont require Jacket and tie nor will take 3 hours to get through dinner.

The last time I was there, my wife and I went to Salvation Cafe (not too shabby, though service could be better), Elizabeth's Newport Cafe (bring friends! man is there alot of food), good ol' Handy Lunch, and some place for breakfast between Middletown and Newport that had a phenominal breakfast menu (Various fresh fruit Pancakes, gigantic omelettes and the best "local neighborhood" feel.

Any pointers would be appreciated...

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  1. Not sure if Tucker's is still good, but that could be an option for your Saturday dinner.

    WHAT is Elizabeth's like? I've always been curious about that place. Seemed a bit freakish actually....she has these flyers outside that make bold statements like THE BEST FOOD YOU'VE EVER TASTED, stuff like that.

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    1. re: JaneRI

      food was decent... basically family style italian. yes..freakish is correct, but to be PC i think the term is eclectic... :)

      U have to go with will make it more enjoyable. Be prepared to get a little messy, since the food is served family style on one giant platter.

      Worth a try at least once....