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Oct 25, 2006 02:06 AM

Target's store brand chocolate

Has anyone tried it? I noticed they had several types.

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  1. My young daughter gave me some for Valentine's day. It was a plain milk bar with "love" stamped on top in some pink confection. Very cute, and much appreciated, but dreadful! It tasted like burnt plastic. I don't know if all the Choxie products taste like that, as I've never been able to bring myself to try it again, that first experience was so off-putting.

    1. I tried these for a young girls party. Very pretty, but no way are these high end chocolates on the cheap! Target has gone a bit crazy trying to bring high fashion to the masses.

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      1. Choxie is awful........ very cute and sort of chic, and thats it.

        1. Waxie was my impression.

          1. The quality of chocolate in Choxie-branded items seems to vary pretty widely depending on what you buy. The chocolate coating the use for things like raisins, nuts, bridge mix, espresso beans, etc. is tasteless wax. The fancy-chocolate lookalikes are no better or worse than basic Hershey and Nestle dressed up to look like Godiva, which is to say not very good. But I like some of the solid bars: the Mexican-style one of dark chocolate with chili-pepper and cinnamon isn't half bad. Not high-end or anything, but it's pretty rich and has a nice mouthfeel IMO.

            I would imagine Target is getting each kind of item from a different manufacturer and rebranding it all as Choxie.