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Oct 25, 2006 01:29 AM

Cambodian and Vietnamese recommendations for Long Beach? Korean too, maybe?

I've never had Cambodian food that I can remember. What are some suggestions for the most authentic Cambodian food places in Long Beach where a complete meal is less than say $15?
Also, any suggestions for Vietnamese food besides pho? Like maybe a noodle dish?
Does Long Beach have any good Korean restaurants, or should I still drive down the road to Westminster?

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  1. Here's the most recent thread. I enjoy reading your Reno picks!

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      We have been to a place called Benley's a few times and we like it. They are Vietnamese chefs but their dishes are not traditional; I guess you'd call them Vietnamese-inspired. It's located in Los Alamitos.

    2. I dont really eat korean food, but living in long beach, there is no korean food. To get korean food, you should probably head to garden grove or cerritos, but westminster is not the place for korean

      1. the two places i've tried are:

        sophy's. they serve thai and khmer dishes. its a mom and pop joint with the kids acting as waiters and waitresses (at night at least), with that friendly family touch. the food i had was pretty good the one time i went. i stuck to the khmer dishes as i can get thai closer to me. i found this place by calling a cambodian travel agent in long beach and i was like "sorry, i dont need any travel information, but could you please recommend me a restaurant that has great khmer dishes?"

        the other place i've been to is "new paradise" they have a large menu with pictures and its a much bigger restaurant that has live music on the weekends thats pretty rockin. i had pretty solid food at both spots and i couldnt complain at either one. i'd say if you wanted to rock a big meal with lots of people and be entertained by live music this is the spot for you!

        im pretty sure they were both on anaheim street as most of the cambodian joints are.

        i think i listed some dishes i had here, just scroll down to the cambodian section.... yeah, just keep scrolling, sorry!. i had a full on post on one or both of these restaurants but cant find them anymore...

        please keep in mind that a lot of these places will be cambodian-thai or cambodian chinese. if what you want is "cambodian" or "khmer" dishes, you should ask for them, otherwise you may just end up with some type of stir fry that you've had a million times at a chinese or thai place.