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Oct 25, 2006 12:23 AM

No-hassle dining for party of 11? WLA?

My new office is having a welcome dinner for 11 on a Friday night. Preferred location is WLA, Santa Monica. Ideally, it should be a fun, but no-hassle atmosphere (i.e., we don't wanna be waiting an hour for our table). Mexican is ideal. Any ideas?

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  1. La Serenata di Garibaldi is pretty good, and they can handle large groups.

    1. Lares on Pico. Mexican, fun, no hassle, sometimes a wait.

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      1. re: cls

        Lares is amazing- love their ajo shrimp

      2. Lares - upstairs - you can get a long table alongside the bar - super fun, GREAT guacamole.

        La Senrenata - upstairs (or it's too loud).

        Border Grill, but there's no avoiding how loud that room is.

        Don Antonio's in the cave room is fun

        1. don antonio's is the best. it's festive, low-key (except on wednesdays) and delicious. the cave room is good - but also the main dining room or back patio.