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Has anyone ate at the Nordstrom's Cafe?

I didn't even know that it existed but I understand the Norstrom's in the Providence Place Mall has a pretty good cafe restaurant. They even sell wine & beer. Can this all be true?

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  1. I love the Nordstrom cafe. I've only been to the ones in Short Hills Mall, NJ and Menlo Park Mall, NJ, but they're the same. The chicken salad sandwich is wonderful. The atmosphere is very nice...definitely a step up from the food court.

    1. Yes, I've been a couple of times. It's good, WAY better than sitting at the food court. Nice booths, like being in a real restaurant.

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        The Nordstrom Cafe is the best hidden jewel at the Providence Place Mall. Although you order your food cafeteria style, it is much better than a cafeteria!

        There are tables and booths with outstanding views of Providence. Glass dishes and barware are used with real silverware. It's a nice treat after shopping!

      2. I've been to the one at the West Farms Mall outside Hartford, but not in years. However, it was very good--definitely your best option if you're at a mall that has one.

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          I peeked a few times into the one at WestFarms. The desserts looked very good! I never ate there but Nordstrom's in this location also has a coffee bar leading into the mall--I've purchased many a hot chocolate and cappuccino from there. My brother (he is autistic and is very picky) loves hot chocolate and when in the mall will only get it from the Nordstroms coffee place.

        2. I really like their pizzas and salads at the Cafe in Maryland....MUCH better than anything at the food court.

          1. I have eaten at the one in West Los Angeles, California and they had pretty good sandwiches.

            1. Shhhh! The Nordstroms Cafe in our area is crowded enough. They serve decent food at slightly higher prices. So don't tell anybody about them, please, or the lines will be longer and we'll be forced to go to the Cheesecake Factory or, worse yet, a Mongolian Grill. A very pleasant place if you can find a table, with the kind of food that fits Nordstroms upscale style.

              1. I've only eaten at the one in the flagship store in downtown Seattle.

                However the food is decent and reasonably priced. There are better restaurants in the area, but there are many more where you'll pay more money for a bad meal.

                Assuming the other Cafes are at the same level of quality I'd think you'd have a hard time finding anything near as good anywhere near a mall.

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                  Also, I have only been to the one in the flagship store, and they make a really good martini. Perfect for taking the edge off when dealing with the crowds

                2. if ya'll are in dallas go to the original neiman marcus and eat at the zodiac. a step up to the nordstrom cafe. neiman's also has a restaurant called nm cafe which has excellent salads and sandwiches.


                  1. If you consider that reasonably priced, I'd hate to see what isn't. Although the food was reasonably good, $13 for a sandwich, chips and a drink is a bit hard to justify when you can find essentially the same thing of comparable quality for $6-7 elsewhere in the same mall.

                    1. The Nordstrom Cafe has great salads and sandwiches; my favorite is the lime cilantro chicken salad. Not only are the prices very reasonable, but the portions are good sized and everything is extremely fresh. My only beef with their cafe is that I wish is was open later-they close at 7pm when the store is open for another 2 hours.

                      1. Ha, I enjoyed drinking a cup of coffee before I shopped elsewhere in the mall at Short Hills so far. I guess that shoppers order coffee and latte in the Providence Place Mall. I didn't notice wine & beer at Short Hills.

                        1. OMG Nordstrom Cafe is sooooo good. Love the chicken florentine sandwich, all garlicky and ricotta-ish. My cousin swears by the creamy tomato soup. Big, puffy snickerdoodles too. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

                          1. We eat at the one in Dallas pretty regularly and have eaten at them while traveling as well because we can get a reasonably nice meal and the small child is still very, very happy. The food is consistently good although a bit pricey, but you can get a cocktail or other adult beverage and the food is a heckuvalot better than something like Applebee's. The portions are also reasonably sized as opposed to something like Cheesecake Factory.