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Candy for the Tricksters! What did you get?

Well I just came from Target a short while ago and spend $40 on Candy for the Tricksters (My neighborhood has a TON of kids! ) I actually really enjoy doing it and having a BIG selection of candy for the kids. Aside from the big brands I worked on (I still consider them my babies... )... I made sure to get...

* This cool pack of three types of Kit Kats... Regular, White Chocolate, and Triple Chocolate!

* A bag of mini Take 5s.. the most evil candy ever invented... I'm horribly bitter that we didn't invent it, but slightly glad that we also didn't either because having a free stash of those would have been the death of my waistline...

So I was curious.... what candy and things do the hounds give out... (And then hope to have some left over after... ;) )?


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  1. My annual standards are:
    Riesen chocolate caramels
    Milky Way Midnight minis
    York Peppermint Patties

    This year's special is:
    Mounds Island Orange LE

    You will see a dark chocolate theme here. Children must be carefully taught....

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    1. re: Karl S

      I am clearly not shopping in the right places. The Milky Way Midinight mini's I have never seen and the Mounds Island Orange LE is another. In what sort of store are these purchased?

      1. re: wally

        My Stop & Shop. The Mounds is a limited edition (I used LE for short). Milky Way Midnight is a standard candy bar, and more extensive markets tend to carry the minis year-round.

      2. re: Karl S

        Karl S, have you sampled the Mounds Island Orange yet? I'd be interested in a review. I once bought a mounds pina colada accidentally and didn't like it.

        I'll be giving out Peanut M&Ms and Almond Joys in hopes of many leftovers

        1. re: The Engineer

          It's OK. The orange flavor is not very artificial, which is good, but it also is fairly generic -- I believe they did not want to overwhelm the coconut flavor, which is still discernable. I love the flavor of orange and dark chocolate.

          I will say that the candies are shaped differently - short cylinders -- and that shape means they are more likely to crack if mishandled.

          Still, I think it's a worthy addition for Halloween, with the Princeton colors, as it were.

          1. re: Karl S

            Thanks, if I see one, I'll try it. Go Tigers!

            1. re: Karl S

              Of all the LE Mounds/AJ I've tried, the orange was one of the best. The worst by far was the passion fruit. So bad I nearly spit it out. My friend didn't dare try it after my reaction. And a few minutes later I almost took another bite just to see if it was really that bad (I resisted). If I remember correctly it tasted sort of like how old lady perfume smells. It was really bad.

              I love the bright orange insides of the orange Mounds.

          2. re: Karl S

            those midnight minis are DIVINE!

          3. AirHeads! A strange and wonderful testure, intense fruit (goodness knows what kind) flavor and kids LOVE 'em.

            1. Don't you mean "What did you buy and planned to give to the kids....... but are now willing to confess that you've already devoured?"

              Take 5
              M & M fun packs

              I also bought Playdoh but haven't eaten it! LOL

              1. I use the I-don't-like-'em-so-I-won't-eat-'em approach to Halloween candy shopping: Skittles.

                And this year I added the if-I-have-'em-left-over-they'll-make-good-bribes category: Mini Tootsie Pops. Good for 5 minutes' peace in any checkout line, anywhere.

                1. We get our candy from NECCO (New England Confectionery Company)which has a factory store just outside Boston. we got NECCO Wafers, mini-Clark Bars, Squirel Nut Zippers, and Mary Janes.

                  For the parents that I know walking the kids, I have a basket of assorted nips like peppermint schnapps, ginger brandy, scotch.

                  1. Costco all the way at my house. Little boxes of Playdough and marshmallow pumpkins for the toddlers. Gummy eyeballs and mini candy bars for the elementary through middle school crowd. And gruesome gummy body parts and full size candy bars for the high schoolers.

                    They tend to come at different times but just in case I get different age groups together, the age-coded treats are in holiday bags with different designs.

                    I don't mind the teens in the least.

                    I love Halloween. We decorate the house but I don't put on a costume. I think the fun of it is that it's supposed to be a holiday just for kids. At least that's what I got off on when I was a kid.

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                    1. re: rainey

                      Go to the local 99 cents store and you'll have tremendous variety at about one-fifth the cost. You could hold Halloween for an aircraft carrier with $40 and still have change for $1 packs of tortillas.

                    2. This will be the first time we are going to have trick or treaters, since we moved to a more residential neighborhood with lots of families.

                      The stash as planned:

                      Mini packs of

                      Sour Patch Kids
                      Swedish Fish
                      Milk Duds
                      Hershey's Chews (kind of a like a tootsie roll covered in hershey's chocolate and nonpareils)
                      Jolly Ranchers

                      1. LE 3 musketeer minis (reg, french vanilla and mocha cappucino)
                        hershey kiss truffles
                        Hershey kisses with peanut butter

                        1. It is a little expensive, but it gives me great pleasure to give out Pop Rocks, the gift that is sure to please. The only treat that has gotten a greater response was back in my DJ days when I used to give out promo dance-mix CDs.

                          1. WEnt to BJ's with our teen, and she was in charge of the candy detail. She picked out Hershey bars ( full size!), and some kind of sour candy ( maybe sour patch kids?) in the mmini packets. She said we will give one of each to each trickster. We don't get a lot of kids- and she said this assortment is sure to please. Time will tell.

                            1. Playdough is a new one for me, cool.

                              Reese's cups in every size, flavor and shape!
                              Only time all year dh has his hand in the candy jar and I'll find brown wrappers through Easter!

                              1. I have three bags of minis in a drawer, not that we'll get any kids anyway: Hershey's Smores, Nestles Milk chocolate and Kit Kats.
                                Can't wait to try those Smores!

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                                1. re: MsDiPesto

                                  The Smores aren't all that -- I think chilling or freezing might help. Just making sure it was fit for the lil 'uns!

                                  1. re: Sarah

                                    Yeah, I didn't like these at all and was surprised that they're still around. They not bad or anything, just not nearly as good as they should be. Best to just eat a Mallomar instead.

                                2. Reeses Peanut Butter cups
                                  Kit Kats
                                  3 Musketeers

                                  I also have wax lips, candy buttons and some pop rocks, but those will probably be given to those costumes which are my favorites since they are fairly pricey!

                                  Happy Halloween!

                                  1. In my apt. building there doesn't seem to be many kids, but i always though that Kinder Surprise eggs would make a good halloween treat -- chocolate and a toy! Maybe it's just nostalgia talking ^-^

                                    1. I've never given out candy to high schoolers (maybe that's because I wasn't in high school that long ago, and was always home studying for midterm exams on halloween).

                                      I'm planning to do candy lego this year - we don't get a lot of kids in our neighbourhood, so I might as well do something that's a little pricier, and something that's different than the standard hershey kisses.

                                      1. When I was a kid, we would trick or treat and return home with buckets of candy -- then dump out the bowl containing the better sweets my parents were giving out, and replace it with our trick or treat sweets.

                                        So yes, we would always try to get the good stuff, for ourselves. :)

                                        1. I'm giving out gummy eyeballs!