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Oct 24, 2006 11:10 PM

Gaja Okonomiyaki for Vegetarians?

My friend and I would like to try Gaja in Lomita for Okonomiyaki, but his wife is a vegetarian. I can't find their website to check if they have anything suitable for her. She may not be keen on omelets either....

Do they offer items for vegetarians? Or, are there alternate okonomiyaki places that has an extensive menu?


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  1. Indeed, their let their Web site go -- pity.

    Anyways, I do believe there are a selection of small vegetarian plates available, so if your wife doesn't mind a meal of appetizers, should be OK to go.

    Alternatively, she can asked for a okonomiyaki for herself (yea yea, kills the fun) w/o meats or eggs. (or better yet, if you're making your own, just do a small version for her w/o the meats & eggs unless she's really sensitive about separate grills and such.)


    1. Gaja has a variety of yakisoba dishes suitable for vegetarians, including vegetable, three mushroom(enoki/shimeji/mushroom), green onion and mochi yakisoba. The same options are available with udon noodles for yakiudon. There are also many other vegetarian friendly dishes on the menu that your friend might enjoy including yaki-meshi (fried rice), salads and lots of small a la carte dishes.

      Veggie mojayaki might be good for your friend as well... but the dashi broth used to make it probably contains bonito flake (dried fish).

      1. you've got a green light. extensive menu.

        1. The base of okonomiyaki is by definition vegetarian, save for the fish broth and (depending of the recipe) dried shrimp. It's fairly easy to substitute other flavorful liquids, such as soy milk or mushroom stock, instead. I often make vegetarian okonomiyaki at home, since I don't usually eat much meat. Egg is the standard binder, but pureed nagaimo (mountain yam) can be used instead for vegans.

          I've found Gaja to be very accomodating to dietary considerations. Plus, the Japanese have thousands of years of shojin ryori (Japanese vegetarian cooking for Buddhists) history, so most Japanese restuarants are used to vegetarian requests. As long as your wife isn't a Vegan, Gaja should easily be able to satisfy her needs.

          - Chubbypanda