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Oct 24, 2006 10:27 PM

Purple Cauliflower

As a devout cauliflower lover, I was mildly excited to see purple cauliflower at my local farmer's market the other day. I prepared it my favorite simple cauliflower way--roasted with olive oil, garlic and sea salt on the tail end of my roasted Zuni chicken cook time. Alas, it was mushy, not at all crispy although roasted at 475, and flavorless. I mean flavorless. No more purple cauliflower for me.

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  1. I had some raw. Very good.

    1. I've been tempted to buy some to try in different dishes at home... but never got around to it. Thanks for confirming that it is NOT like the regular stuff.

      1. I saw some PC too the other week and wondered if I ought to get one. And I was gonna ask if it tasted any different to a regular cauliflower, but I guess I don't need to now.

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          I bought a purple cauliflower for my Thanksgiving dinner a couple of weeks ago (Canadian Thanksgiving is in October); I thought it would look great on the plate. It had absolutely no flavour and lost most of its colour in the steaming liquid

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            I had a purple cauliflower from a farmers market and it was fine and tasted like regular cauliflower and was not mushy. It has the same anti-oxidents as blueberries giving it more nutritional value than regular cauliflower. The only problem for me was the color. It was just too jarring on the plate.

            It just takes too much effort to search these days, but I did ask a while back if there was anything that can be done with the water it cooks in ... since as another poster mentioned, the water turns purple. I wanted to get some of the nutritional value from the antioxidents that had leached into the water. Steaming is probably better for this vegetable.

            The yellow cauliflower is called golden cauliflower. I haven't tried that yet.

            1. re: rworange

              You could always cook pasta in the water. That with a deeply colored cheddar cheese should cause some talk at the table.

              1. re: rworange

                We boiled eggs in the water and tinted the shells. Looked pretty; naturally had no effect on flavor.

                As for recipe ideas, purple cauliflower lends itself very well to a soup preparation like this:


                Otherwise, I would use it as part of a colorful veggie platter; steamed lightly and dipped in hummus.

            2. I saw some purple and orange cauliflower at the store earlier tonight. I thought, "hmmm...." Then I grabbed a head of regular cauliflower. Not feeling adventuresome tonight...

              Is PC and OC natural, or is this a genetically engineered gimmick veggie?

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              1. re: AbdulSheikhMohammed

                I grew an Italian heirloom purple cauliflower in my garden this spring. It turns green when cooked and has a little more chlorophyll flavor than white cauliflower. I found it sweet and tasty, a lot like romanesco broccoli. I've also seen the yellow cauliflower in heirloom seed catalogs but I've never tried it. Maybe the colored cauliflower in stores isn't very fresh.

                1. re: AbdulSheikhMohammed

                  My husband actually asked me if the purple cauliflower had been artificially dyed! This, after seeing the colour of the steam water.

                  1. We get purple and orange cauliflower all the time from our CSA and it is great. The first time we had it, it struck us as sweeter than the white, but now I would say it is the same.