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Where to Brunch in Portland

Where is a good spot to go for brunch in Portland? We had wanted to try Mim's but I read some past Chowhound postings, and they weren't really favorable. Let me know what you guys think . . .

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  1. I know it's tried and true, but I find you really can't go wrong with Bintliff's, as long as you don't mind waiting in really cramped quarters for a table. I generally find the food (and the mimosas!) are worth it. I love the Tuscan scramble and the chocolate chip macademia pancakes, while my boyfriend swears by the corned beef hash.

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      ENJOY PORTLAND, Bernie

    2. Try local 188 @ 188 state street. Very yummy

      1. Oh my goodness, take a 15 minute ferry over to Peaks Island (only $3 something roundtrip) and a short walk from the ferry landing to a fabulous place and wonderful view called "Cockeyed Gull". For any meal. We just spent 4 days, 3 nights over on Peaks Island and most meals at this place and all were fabulous. Unbelievable. Check out their website, make sure they are open for breakfast - they are open for lunch and dinner most days but breakfast - not sure. I can't wait to go back. Service also made is very memorable - this is a success story!

        1. Their website doesn't show a breakfast menu but we did have an excellent breakfast while there so definately call about breakfast or a brunch.

          1. I know this might just come down to personal taste, but I have to disagree with MEgirl. You CAN go wrong--very, very wrong--with Bintliff's. The whole place has an odor, especially on Sunday morning, that makes me recoil. And while the food might not be bad, it's certainly unexeptional and overpriced. Wish I had an alternative, but I don't.

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              you must have a problem with Bintliff....
              He is a excellent chef, very successful, and runs a fine business. Sorry to hear you are upset about something, but he is not overpriced, and haa a exceptional menu....Sorry buddy, people wait in line for good food, and not because they have nothing else to do !!!!!!

            2. Irwin, I didn't mean to offend. But I think the long lines are because Bintliff's is virtually the only game in town, and it's the most well-known place for brunch. Where else would you go for a slightly up-scale brunch on a Sunday morning? I'm probably overlooking something--if so, let me know. But I don't think Bintliff's has much competition.

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                I really think Bintliff has a lot of competition, but he is upscale, different then normal variety, decent portions, clean, fair atmosphere, and been at it for a long time....A little more expensive then most places, but makes the plate look pretty. I don't agree his plates or food is uninspired. Uninspired food does not bring people to wait in line, so therefore, he must be doing something right, and owned 3-4 restaurants not that long ago, but I guess some a few.

              2. Yeah, based on only one experience I have to agree that Bintliff's is nothing special. I waited on the line and saw the orders coming out, read the menu, and was convinced I was going to have the meal of a lifetime. The food itself - and it was long enough ago that I don't remember exactly what it was - was pretty uninspired. Not bad, mind you, but deeply overpriced and completely unmemorable. I've never had even the slightest yen to return. The atmosphere was nice in its way, and everybody seemed to be enjoying the food. Not me though.

                1. I have to agree with the nothing special at Bintliff's. My mother and I were having brunch there and I had the sesame encrusted french toast and my oh my it looked so good and my goodness it was terrible. Hot and crispy on the outside and cold and super dry on the inside-it was like cardboard. So I sent it back and because I was sitting practically across from the kitchen I was privvy to the tantrum the "chef" put forth. Too bad if you don't like it- was the crux of it and we just left. Second time we sat at the table for 15 minutes before being greeted by a server that reeked of smoke. I don't mind if you take a break but after waiting on the wait list at least greet me and bring me a mimosa before you take 5 and I would completely understand cuz I know the place is busy. Again I just left and haven't been back since. It was sad.

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                    Your post reminded me of one of the few times we tried to go there. They had coffee out for waiting customers and when we finally got up to it, it was empty. We looked at this staff person who promply announced that she would being taking a cigarette break and would make more coffee upon her return. She couldn't have cared less about the people she left waiting behind.

                  2. I am siding with Irwin on this one. I rate the three best brunch choices in Portland as - in this order - Mims, Bintliff's, and Becky's. I will even add in Mama's Place, across from Mims, which is another diner-like joint with good, basic breakfast items. I have eaten breakfast at Bintliff's a half a dozen times in recent memory, never left feeling unsatisfied. One minor caveat being that I am not an egg eater, so I can't comment on omelets, etc. But at Bintliff's the waffles, the sausage, the pancakes and crepe-like-things were all perfectly satisfying...

                    1. Wow, I had no idea my shout out to Bintliff's would spark such a controversy! So, where else are people brunching? I remember reading that the Pepper Club is serving breakfast now, I think as The Good Egg. Is that correct? Has anyone tried it?

                      For diner food, I agree that Mama's Place is pretty good, but my favorite for greasy breakfast food is Marcy's, on the corner of Oak and Free. I highly recommend the chocolate chip pancakes.

                      1. Avoiding Mims, especially for brunch, would be a terrible, terrible mistake. The restaurant has some service issues, but the food, especially at breakfast, is outstanding. I would rate it the best upscale brunch in town...

                        1. John Golden reviews Bintliff's in his Portland Herald blog:

                          He was unimpressed.

                          1. I don't think anyone has mentioned Hot Suppa (which doesn't serve supper at all), in the old Friendship Cafe location on Congress. I posted about them about a week ago. A menu somewhere between Becky's and Bintliff's, (pancakes and eggs, salad and soup, a few entrees) with a slightly Southern tilt. IMO, significantly better food than Friendship or Bintliff's which both coast(ed) on reputation. Atmosphere practically unchanged from previous incarnation. There's still a crowd queueing up in the foyer on weekends.

                            1. I recently had breakfast at Bintliff's and it was great. Gingerbread pancakes with lemon sauce! Yum. I've only eaten lunch and breakfast there.
                              Blue Spoon is also great and they serve brunch, I think

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                                I really want to love Bintliff's, but I've gotten cold food there twice & waiter attitude at times as well - Hot Suppa is solid and Pat's Restaurant off the peninsula on Stevens Ave does a nice brunch (Sundays only)

                              2. Front Room is definitely my favorite at the moment. I tend to prefer more lunchy brunch and they have great options. That said, their egg offerings are terrific. I so enjoy the eggs benedict (the ham and sauce are addictive!) as well as the baked egg dishes. I also appreciate that you can get eggs poached, soft-boiled and basted. Fish chowder for breakfast, why not?!

                                I also enjoy One Fifty Ate -- it can be a bit competitive getting a table (and I don't even try it during the tourist season) but worth it.