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Oct 24, 2006 09:44 PM

A quintessential nyc diner- open late

Hi- I'm coming in late to NYC (10 p.m.) after a food deprived flight. Want a fun and good place to take two 18 y/o girls, who have never been to and can't wait to see NYC! Any recommendations?

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  1. I would go to Morimoto. I think i would have loved that place at 18yo.

    1. Where will you be staying? That may be of some help in recommending a place.

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      1. re: Woodside Al

        We'll be staying in the financial district, Williams and Pine. What about walking up to Katz's?

          1. re: thegenia

            Thanks you guys. I checked out their web site, and it looks like fun and good food. Not too far from where we're staying, also!

            1. re: madra dubh

              if you want a modernized classic old american diner instead i'd add that EMPIRE DINER in chelsea is open all nite. if you meant diner specifically and not 'dinner' that is?

              1. re: madra dubh

                Another vote for Florent. The kids will like the vibe and the food is pretty good.

            2. Are you looking for a D-I-N-E-R ?

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              1. re: RCC

                I was originally thinking about a diner, like the Empire Diner (forgot the name), but some of these other places yoiiou've mentioned sound maybe better. Thanks!