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Oct 24, 2006 09:35 PM

Washoku (Elizabeth Andoh): where to begin?

I recently purchased Washoku, which has been fantastic to flip through, and has tons of information to absorb. In terms of recipes, though, where to begin? There is so much there! Anyone have any favorites from the book, any recommendations, etc?

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  1. I love the soy braised hijiki and carrots and might start with that. It's a fantastic book. I've made her green tea ice cream, miso marinated cod, pickled cabbage, enoki and wakame relish, and of course her recipes for stock. I had trouble finding freeze dried yuzu so I substituted bottled yuzu juice instead. It seemed to work just fine.

    1. I love love love this cookbook. Standouts for me are the salts, anything pickled, the seasoned soy sauce, the temple garden chowder, and the rice with mixed grains.

      I actually made our New Years' Feast this year from this book. Chronicled here:

      With this book more than any other book I have owned, it is imperative that you read through an entire recipe before starting on it. I have often gotten stuck on one of her recipes by not realizing that I need a stock or a sauce that I haven't made. It's become almost a joke at some points because you can get really behind by not reading thoroughly. I have found though, that once this book became a part of my regular rotation, I often have the stocks and sauces on hand which greatly cuts down on the preparation time.

      Report back and let us know how it goes!

      1. Even the simple way of making dashi outlined in the book makes the most sublime miso soups. Also--I can't remember the exact name right now--but the tonkatsu rolled up with either ume or leek miso was a huge hit.....the ground ginger chicken is also easy and very very good.