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Oct 24, 2006 09:15 PM

Fried Chicken in SF

What local restaurants am I missing for Southern style fried chicken? (real restaurants, not chains like Popeye's or KFC)

Foreign CInema
Farmer Brown
Hard Knox
BlueJay Cafe
Chenery Park
Jack Falstaff


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  1. The Front Porch, in the outer mission, on 29th I believe.

    1. You may want to add Andrew Jaeger's...S.F. has the other branch of this New Orleans the old Condor site

      also Powell's Place off of Fillmore

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        1. re: MuppetGrrl

          Have you had good fried chicken at the new location? At the old place I found it hit or miss (and the rest of the menu was not good).

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            I haven't, alas, and realized I should've mentioned it in my post. The previous location, I always liked the chicken and the cornbread, and the rest of the sides were acceptable.

            I'm bummed to see it's gone downhill, though. They were never very good with handling large crowds, that's for certain.

          2. re: MuppetGrrl

            I didn't say I LIKED Powell's just that it has fried experience in the new space (very attractive) has not been good..
            ..and I myself have not tried Andrew Jaeger's...

            1. re: ChowFun_derek

              I haven't ordered it, but Jaeger's seems like the kind of place where the fried chicken would be good. Somebody there knows how to fry.

        2. About once a month Maverick does a special menu called "Southern Fried Night". I went to the last one and really enjoyed it. One person in our party had the fried chicken, and it was quite good.

          I had the Chicken Fried Steak and it was awesome. But it was a particular kind - double thick and iron skillet fried - extremely "grandma" / homestyle. It was not at all the deep fried, crunchy batter that is common out here.

          I would definitely recommend giving them a call to find out when the next Southern Fried Night is and making a reservation.

          PS - BlueJay cafe has gone way downhill and is not recommended. As nice as the people at Hard Knox Cafe are and as much as I really wanted to like it...the food just isn't good.

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          1. re: larochelle

            Unfortunately, the F.C. I had at Maverick wasn't very good. Here's a link to the July thread discussing F.C. around town. I'm looking forward to trying Front Porch.


            1. re: Candice

              Interesting. Perhaps the Maverick FC has evolved since June since the FC we had in September was juicy, nicely crispy and definitely not oily.

              1. re: larochelle

                Hmm, I wonder too. Did your chicken have a dark coating or a hint of cinnamon? Maybe I'll give it another try, but there are still a lot of places on my list before I make return visits! FYI I got my reservation at Maverick from the 1000 pt. section of

            2. re: larochelle

              >>"As nice as the people at Hard Knox Cafe are and as much as I really wanted to like it...the food just isn't good."

              I would tend to agree with you on most of their dishes, but I love their fried chicken. The rest of their dishes aren't really good or bad, just under seasoned, IMO.

            3. definitely front porch!

              1. Apparently Mel's has fried chicken, but I wouldn't advocate eating there. Just adding it to the list.

                Q has decent fried chicken, Front Porch is defenitely my favorite!