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Oct 24, 2006 08:35 PM

Mama Mexicana - A Mexican disgrace

If there ever existed a "high-end" mexican restaurant, this is purportedly it. But $39 ($13x3)for guacamole in the West Village that I didn't really order in the first place? Give me a break and get rid of the cheesy "We're Proud to be Commercialized Latino's" look and feel. The food albeit is decent, but any Mexican worth his chorizo salt wouldn't be caught dead eating his menudo in a rip-off joint like this. I suppose being miles away from the heartland, this place could substitute as a pitiful excuse but....ok strike that. This place is all around weak.

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  1. You mean Mexicana Mama? or Mama Mexico? Probably the former as it in the West Village.

    What does that mean "that I didn't really order in the first place"? How did it arrive at the table then? And did you think it was free?

    1. Waiter - "Would you like some chips and salsa and guacamole"
      Our Party - "Ok"

      Chips, salsa, and 3 orders of guacamole come out

      Checking the bill...$13 x 3.

      Can you say this place is weak? Ok for some credit the food was actually ok but please get rid of the fake costumes.

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      1. re: vision20

        Unfortunately this practice of upselling the ridiculously overpriced guacamole is standard at many Mexican restaurants in the city...

        1. re: vision20

          I've never been to Mexicana Mama, but I don't really understand your criticism. You DID order the guacamole that your table received. I haven't heard of a Mexican restaurant in the city that gives you guacamole for free--salsa maybe, but not guacamole.

        2. I've seen the guacamole trick done too and it is disgraceful. They ask as if it's tap water or bottled and then bang you for a $13 mashed avocado. But the fact that they decided how many orders to bring you without confirming is a bit much for me.

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          1. re: Manhattan4Life

            I thought they posted the salsa del dia and its price (used to be $6) on the Specials Board.

            I love the food at Mexicana Mama but they've been known to be a little haughty in an effort to distance themselves from the usual tex-mex slop some diners in this area of the US are used to.

            I have only been to the Hudson Street location and the decor doesn't bother me.

          2. that is really strange - I eat here all the time and have not had this experience. Did you speak to the server or manager when you got the bill? I would think that at the very least, if they brought out three orders at once before confirming with you, they would take it off the bill.

            But back to the chow....what did you think of the guac there?

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            1. re: kaffy

              mexicana mama is delicious. it is certainly not like getting a couple of tacos in the baja, but you should be able to deduce that by looking at the menu. their food, while not cheap, is fresh, creative, and very good. i wouldn't pay $13 for guac, but i also wouldn't assume guac is free. when is guac ever free? or even cheap?

              1. re: billyeats

                the best guacamole I have had in a long time is at Itzocan, fairly large bowl for just $6.25. For the extremely delicious quality (spicy with lots of cilantro) I would call that cheap.
                438 E 9th (1st/A)

                1. re: kenito799

                  Does Itzocan serve it at dinner, or only lunch, where the menu is more specifically Mexican than fusion?

                  1. re: Peter Cherches

                    I was at the east village Itzocan, had it at dinner ($6.25), and it is listed at $5 on the lunch menu (prices from menupages). I don't actually remember if I paid $6.25 but I do remember thinking it was a really good value. The corn/truffle/huitlacoche cake was amazing (as per an earlier post by you) but I was disappointed with two beef dishes. I have been advised to try fish there.

                2. re: billyeats

                  Guac is cheap when you make it yourself. I know restaurants aren't nonprofits, but I agree with ESNY that too many Mexican restaurants in the city--from your basic Mary Ann's to Rosa Mexicano--all charge a ridiculously overpriced amount for guacamole. The last straw for me was when I went to Dos Caminos and was subjected to a speech about its "world-famous guacamole bar." World famous. Not sure what world Dos Caminos occupies, but that was the first time I had heard about its "guac bar."

              2. I think the food is mediocre and the service awful at Mexicana Mama. I just don't get the appeal of this place...