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Has anyone been to Station F on Rachel street?

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There is a new restaurant near my house but I can't find any mention of it on the Internet. I saw a segment about that restaurant on the TV show Flash and it looked like a nice place that had good food. I would have liked to read reviews about that place, but I have not found any. If anyone has been there, I would like your comments about the food and the wine list.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have been a few times and the food is excellent. The Quality/Price ratio is excellent. It deinitely is a very charming neighborhood bistro. I was very fond of the lamb. Definitely worth a visit!

    1. I am going next week and I am looking forward to it because I saw that the prices were really lower than other restaurants that offer a similar menu. The menu looks really interesting and it looks like a cute place also. I'll post my comments agter I have eaten there...

      1. Could you share with us where exactly this restaurant is located? Just like you, my internet (and yellowpages) search came up empty. Thank-you!

        1. It's on the corner of Rachel and St-Germain, in front of the old Angus train yards.

          I'm lookin forward to checking it out.

            1. Hi, has anyone been there recently? I'm thinking of going tonight, and wonder what menu items I should look out for. How much can I expect to spend on an app, main and dessert (before, tax, wine and tip)?