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Oct 24, 2006 08:24 PM

Dinner in Ironbound/Newark

Just wondering if there are any updated recs for dinner in the Ironbound. Most of the recommendations on the board are from a few years ago. I have a reservation for Saturday night at Casa Vasca, which seems to be consistently recommended. Is it still good? We are going with my parents, so I want someplace on the nicer side.

We are not so wedded to the idea of the Ironbound, though they are going to be staying near the airport for a Sunday morning flight, and we thought it would be easiest to go out close by. Additional recs for nice restaurants in the area will be appreciated too.


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  1. I ate in Casa Vasca yesterday and it is as good as ever (if not better). I always order one of the daily specials. Last night it was monkfish in sherry sauce. Three monkfish steaks, about 20 shrimp, and lots of yummy mushrooms, with a delicious sauce made from sherry and buckets of cream (a lot like a classic French sauce), enough of it to fill the serving platter, which was essentially a three inch deep bucket). $14, rice and soup and tax included, and that was the most expensive special.

    Here's my prior post with more info. Buen provecho.

    Oh I just noticed I ate monkfish in that post too. Well, they have lots of different kinds of fish, it just depends on what looks best at the market that morning. They do meat well also. I once had the most wonderful rabbit stew I've ever had, and huge too! A whole rabbit!!!

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      Re Casa Vasca, Brian, Im planning a party for a largeish group - Brian, Im assuming we can order from the specials menu if we are places in the "fancy dining room" because of our group size - am I right??? Any other input for planning for a group meal here?