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Oct 24, 2006 08:21 PM

Going to Ansill this Weekend

Going this weekend. Two of us, so I expect we will order around 10 plates. what would you choose off the menu as "must haves"?

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  1. Although the Bride & I are seemingly in the minority, we did not have a great experience there, particularly due to the vegetarian dishes which seemed to be 90% butter and sickeningly rich.

    The duck egg was good, as were the sweetbreads.

    1. Shirred Eggs
      Fingerling Potatoes

      I've also heard that the open-faced Osso Bucco is great, but I've never had it myself. Let us know how it goes..

      1. I agree on the shirred eggs, duck egg and venison tartare. The pork belly, hangar steak and scallop ceviche are also excellent. If the celery soup happens to be on the menu again, I recommend that, too.

        1. yes -- get the osso bucco. it IS great. i had a nutella panini for dessert which was fantastic.

          Be careful with how much you order -- eat slowly. I think we ended up eating too much....and my tummy hurt the rest of the night because of it. It's hard with those small plates to really know how much you are eating.

          1. 1) Pork Belly w/ quark spaetzel
            2) Bone Marrow Crostini
            3) Fingerling Potatoes
            4) Red Snapper Ceviche
            5) Wild Boar Proscioutto
            6) more Pork Belly
            7) a bottle of Vinho Verde
            8) Moncenisio (Italian blue) cheese
            9) another bottle of wine
            10) another order of Pork Belly