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Oct 24, 2006 08:16 PM

Tasty Atlanta eats?


I am planning a trip to Atlanta next month, and am looking for some good, moderately priced restaurant recommendations, especially near the aquarium, which I am planning to visit. I will be staying in Peachtree City, so anything south of Atlanta would be great too. One word of warning, I am a vegetarian, so heavy meat/seafood is out, but I do eat dairy/eggs. Thank you.

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  1. south of town is well, uh, an unfortunate place to be if you are a vegetarian. Mainly chains, but a very well respected Mexican restaurant, but you know how Mexican rests are re vegetarian offerings. even downtown will be tough. how far are you willing to venture from the aquarium ?

    1. Yikes indeed... Peachtree City is most certainly NOT Atlanta! If you're spending a lot of time in the city and only driving to Peachtree City to say, sleep(?) then you should be ok.

      For brunch/breakfast head here:
      Thumbs Up Diner
      573 Edgewood Ave. S.E.
      Atlanta , GA - 30312
      (404) 223-0690
      Plenty of vegetarian friendly fare.

      Lunch & Dinner:
      The Globe
      75 5th St. N.W.
      Atlanta , GA - 30308
      (404) 541-1487

      Good luck!

      1. ob2s, yes, south of town is tough, and Peachtree City does not have a lot going on, at least that I have been able to find in my yearly visits. And sadly, my hosts don't like to venture out much. A friend did take me to The Grape near her place in Smyrna last year, which I enjoyed. Mexican is a good idea though, thank you.

        HaagenDazs, thanks for the tips. I couldn't find a website for Thumbs Up Diner, but the name alone is selling me. I did look at The Globe's website, and that looks delicious! I definitely want to check that out.


        1. Take a look at the new Atlanta Journal Constitution Top 50 Restaurants (link below). Both spots made the list. The reviewer does a pretty good job, I think. There's a map there that should help you (1) find your way around town and (2) show you what restaurants are where, of course. Thumb's Up is nothing super fancy which is probably why there's no website. It's not a true diner so don't expect that, but there's a good mix of folks and they have plenty of vegetarian choices. Expect a 15 - 20 minute wait, no reservations.

          1. Power Plant on Edgewood near downtown just opened. It is vegetarian/vegan with a huge menu. I have not yet eaten there. Also, Soul Vegetarian has won RAVE reviews from everyone I have spoken to. It is in VA/Highland also near downtown.