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Oct 24, 2006 08:15 PM

restaurant recommendations in the 7th arrondissement?

We usually stay in the 6th, but this time we plan to stay in the 7th, not too far from Invalides. So far, we plan on having lunch at Bistro de Breteuile and dinner at Au Bon Accueil. We'd like to find a cafe or tearoom that's open for breakfast -- not brunch, but just tea, coffee, and croissants. We're also looking for a pleasant cafe that's open late, as we enjoy ending the evening in a cafe. So far, I haven't found many that are open late in the 7th. Any ideas?


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  1. We enjoyed a small place in the nearby 15th.
    Cave du L'Os a Moelle , 3 rue Vasco de Gama Paris 15
    It is very casual, family style and great desserts.
    Check it out.

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      Try Laduree corner of Jacob and Bonaparte, their croissants and pain chocolat are to die for.

      As for cafes, there are the old standbys of Deux Magots and Cafe Flo.

    2. Le Maupertu very near the Tour Maubourg Metro stop has very nice food - lovely service, too. I ventured away from the 6th one visit and really enjoyed being in the 7th for a change. I remember seeing some small breakfast type cafes on the famous Rue Cler. We had a small reunion of friends at the Bistro de Breteuile - great for outdoor dining when the weather allows.

      1. There are many great places in the 7th starting with Chez Ami Jean, which is wonderful and Le Petit Troquet also wonderful. For a more traditional experience I would go to Au Petit Tonneau on St. Dominique. Madam Chef is a wonderful warm woman and the food is very good. I particularly love the Turbot with beurre blanc, anything with mushrooms or truffles and the best tarte tatin in Paris (in my opinion) Also in the 7th is the one star Le Violin d'Ingres, which is owned by Christian Constant and his charming wife. They have recently changed the focus and menu to something a little less expensive and it is highly recommended. Another, terrific bistrot is Le Florimond which is much lauded for its food, especially stuffed peppers. There is a little wine bar on Avenue Rapp, right across from a set of the best arts nouveau doors in Paris; I think it is called Au Sauvignon, and it is terrific for lunch, when wandering. If you want to splurge there is L'Arpege, a three star restaurant or L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon which is wonderful and although expensive, about 100 euros for a many dished meal, or if you are not too hungry and just order a couple of dishes, quite reasonable. Enjoy yourself.