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Funky cheap restuarants near Brooklyn Museum

Any thoughts

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  1. Try Tom's on Washington Ave about 3 block west of the Museum. It been there since the the 1930's. It is old and funky. A great place to eat. Just don't go for breakfast the line is out the door. I love when Tom (GUS) gives you a cookie or a slice of orange while you are waiting to eat. Try his egg creams . Enjoy

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      Tom's is actually north of the museum, at Washington & Sterling Pl.

    2. I tried to post this yesterday, but for some reason it didn't work... Just a quick note to suggest doing a search on this board. Noblejay, there have been quite a few posts on this.... In addition to Tom's, people usually recommend a Carribean place near the museum called The Islands, and probably some places on Vanderbilt in Prospect Heights.

      1. and he's closed on sundays.

        1. There are a whole lot of West Indian places in the general area too, if you want to explore a few blocks and that is in your range of interest.

          I like Amorina, for interesting individual pizza and other tasty italian dishes on Vanderbilt - Joyce Bakeshop is nearby for coffee and dessert treats. check re opening hours before you go.

          1. the islands. hands down. 803 washington at eastern parkway, less than a football field away from the entrance to the museum. amazing jerk chicken, tasty roti, some of the best gd lemonade i've ever tasted (they were out of sorrel). not a lot of seating--it's primarily a take out place--and the wait can be long, but it's as good west indian as i've head in bk.

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              I love the Islands, but I also like Ginger Root. It's a few blocks farther north, on Washington between Prospect Place and St. Marks. Also Caribbean, fresh, homemade, a bit larger menu, more seating.

            2. It is west trust me . Going to the city on Washington Ave is west

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                northwest, at any rate. But even though the neighborhood is not on a straight compass grid, I think north is the more useful description in brooklyn.

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                  "It is west trust me . Going to the city on Washington Ave is west"

                  According to Mapquest Washington Ave. runs north/south.

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                    or NNW. FAL's confusion arises I think from the fact it points toward the Empire State Building - but midtown is north of us. If it was West, we would also get sun from that direction, which my front yard plants tell me we dont!

                2. I have a similar query, so all you brooklyn-ites out there, can we have some more suggestions please? I've heard the tom's suggestion a couple of times now; anything else?

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                    bigjeff, did you read the rest of this thread? there are several reccs other than Toms on it. Dont know if Gen made it on, a Japanese on Washington at St. Marks. Several people who post on this Board like it. Alternatively, walk on out Eastern Parkway to Nostrand - walk either direction - you will be in a West Indian neighborhood with many opportunities for adventure.
                    Going the other way on Eastern, back toward Manhattan, there are a number of places on Flatbush Ave, from Christies Patties, Geido (japanese), Joy (Indian), Franny's , a Haitian bistro on the same block, Helios (greek, some favorable posts, cor of 6th and St. Marks, Sugarcane (upscale trinidadian bar with food), Taro(corner of Dean) with well regarded sushi. this doesnt include upscale places or all of Park Slope, right there. I personally dont like The New Prospect Cafe, others do.

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                      Also Flatbush Farm--new, Flatbush at St Mark's--you can read recent reviews in the usual NY City magazines or browse their website (www.flatbushfarm.com). Cannot vouch for it personally.