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Oct 24, 2006 08:03 PM

Visiting from Washington DC - Any good recs for Asian or Fusion food?

I'm from DC where African, Vietnamese, and Korean food is really good here. I would love to try some good Asian or fusion food in New York - any suggestions? Price can be up to $60/pp.


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  1. The Elephant on 1st St. bet. 1st and 2nd Avenues. The place is small and very festively eccentric in decor. I ate there with a group of six and everyone had an amazing dish. The chicken satay and cucumber salad are musts for appetizers and I had the sea bass, which was unbelievable. A bonus - they take reservations. Check it out:

    1. Forgot to mention, it's French/Thai fusion

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        I'd second the Elephant, and add...

        Hip Hop Chow - Soulfood/Chinese fusion - 2nd Ave btwn 7th St and St. Marks

        Momofuku Noodle Bar - Pan-Asian, Noodle Shop - 1st Ave btwn 10th and 11th

        Asia De Cuba - Asian/Cuban fusion - Madison Ave btwn 37th and 38th

      2. Kuma Inn on Ludlow is very good Asian Fusion Tapas. The space is in a one floor walk up based in a Studio apartment. Really great Sake list and very good service.

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