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Oct 24, 2006 07:49 PM

Junk Food Fix Needed: Chocolate-covered Potato Chips & Naturally (if possible) Flavored Popcorn

Haven't got time to dip potato chips in chocolate just now, but I'd love to give some to a favorite relation--and to eat a few myself, crushed into vanilla ice cream! And the stash of Toffee-and-Butterfinger popcorn I brought from Florida is just about gone. Are there any places you can recommend for really good flavored popcorn and chocolate-covered chips?

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  1. Fog City News on Market has some--they were allright, not as good as my friend's hand-dipped Thai Spice Kettle Chips! You might also try Confetti, also on Market, a half block west of 1st Street. Confetti has a smaller selection of chocolate bars than Fog City News, but they have a large variety of choclate truffles and assorted chocolate-dipped items. I actually prefer Confetti to Fog City these days, as I appreciate the fact that the prices of their chocolates and candies are clearly indicated, and they are very friendly.

    1. OMG, as they say--chippers! I thought these were a Fargo delicacy, as my mother-in-law from Fargo gives me a box every year. If you can't find them locally, try Widman's:

      Dark chocolate is the perfect salty-sweet combo. Store them in the freezer and treat them like a box of Thin Mints--one at a time, months after you buy them.