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First Bite Boulder

As an aspiring chowhound on a VERY limited budget, I'm looking for recommendations on which First Bite Boulder restaurant to go to for the event. At the moment I'm leaning towards Brasserie Ten Ten or The Kitchen, but I've been told that their menus are reasonably priced anyway and I'd do better at Jill's. Any thoughts would be EXTREMELY welcome. And, if you all haven't heard about First Bite, check out the website -- www.firstbiteboulder.com -- what a cool event!

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  1. I would probably go to L'Atlier. I have enjoyed every meal I have had their. They are a little more expensive so you would be getting a good deal. But I really like The Kitchen as well and would base my decision on which menu I liked better. I have never been to Jill's so cannot compare. FYI- Denver has a similiar event (I think its in February or early March)

    1. Restaurants' special FBB are costed our in keeping with the 3 course/$26 price. Ingredients and/or portion size may be adjusted. Beyond that, IMHO "very reasonably priced" is a matter of opinion. The Kitchen's dinner menu lists $11-$15 Starters and $21-$33 Mains. Brasserie Ten Ten's dinner entrees are $13-$28, with most in the middle of that range. Jill's dinner entrees range fro $12 for a burger or $13 for veggie dish to $25 for a steak. Respectfully suggest that you narrow down restaurants to the food you like and hope that you can still get a reservation at this late date. As of this evening (Monday), FBB is 3/7 of the way through its 2009 schedule.

      1. This thread has been sanitized! :)

        I had a FBB meal at Colterra last night. I have always been interested in Colterra, but last night was my first time there (which is what makes FBB a great event). It was excellent. The appetizers (crespelle and soup) were both tasty, and the flatiron steak was absolutely delicious (and a huge portion). The spice cake and cobbler were also good. The meal was certainly made by that steak, both my girlfriend and I had it and both of us were very happy. Will try to return to Colterra for sure!

        210 Franklin St., Niwot, CO 80504

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          Thnx, LurkerDan, for the explanation of the date gap between the original thread and its sudden appearance on the front page. Six of us went to Sugarbeet in Longmont for FBB on snowy Saturday evening. Dining room fairly full. All FBB items were very good, and the three desserts were all outstanding. (Hint: extra appetite needed for the chocolate hazelnut torte). Sugarbeet suggests a paired wine w/ each FBB course and offers a wine flight for $13. Pix at http://tinyurl.com/yzqqwkh

          101 Pratt St Ste A, Longmont, CO 80501

        2. I have had two stellar FBB meals so far. The first was Arugula where the FBB menu is surprisingly large with lots of tasty choices. I had fennel sausage with white beans, mushroom, sherry risotto with spinach, and lamb stew with seared polenta. Everything was delicious with the first course being my favorite.

          Last night was Mateo, possibly even better than Arugula! I had chestnut ravioli with duck confit and had to request extra bread to sop up the juices. Second course was sea bass on polenta with turnips and yams - perfectly cooked and very tasty. Last was banana and chocolate bread pudding with chocolate ice cream - heaven!

          I highly recommend either of these for FBB if you can still get in.

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            I'm headed to Mateo tonight, so glad to hear! Did people in your party have any of the other dishes? What did they have to say? Just trying to figure out what to order. :-)

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              LurkerDan - It will be a tough choice! None of us tried the soup - but I highly recommend the ravioli. I was impressed with the quantity of duck confit included and make sure you have bread to sop up the juices. One of my party had the lamb, the other entree choice, and raved about it. But, then, the sea bass was also remarkeably good as were the sides that went with it. Same was true for desserts, the banana chocolate was delicious - the choc ice cream in particular was easily the best I've ever had. But the others had a trio of profiteroles with pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon ice cream - also delicious. I think with this menu you can't go wrong!

          2. We tried Terroir in Longmont this week for FBB--a place we probably wouldn't have tried otherwise, which is why I love FBB. It was excellent. I had the Maple glazed duck confit, which was absolutely outstanding. I'm still having cravings for it!

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              We are going to Trattoria on Pearl on Saturday. Only other FBB this year was Sugarbeet in Longmont (I previously posted). I commitments in Denver almost everh evening this week, incl 2 with a culinary focus. I'll report on Trattoria on Pearl, but it will be too late for this year.

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                We did ToP last night and it was wonderful and not the first time we've been there. I liked the fact that they had more choices for each course than many other restaurants participating. I had the Oso Buco and the meat was extremely tender and falling off the bone.