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Oct 24, 2006 07:02 PM

O'Neill's Irish Pub (burgers)?

Anyone been to O'Neill's? How are the burgers? Anything else on the menu that's good (or at least not the ordinary Irish pub fare)?

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  1. Are we talking about the O'Neill's in the east 40's? If you are then all the food is just average pub fare. Part of a chain, I believe.

    1. Yes, on 3d ave in the East 40s. Thanks for the info (I didn't realize it was part of a chain).

      1. If you want an authentic Irish pub AND a great burger try Molly's Shebeen on 3rd Ave between 22nd and 23rd.

        Staying on 3rd - at 74th - is the pub-like JG Melon - very crowded and very good burgers.

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          thanks . . . my brother and his wife have burger of the month club memberships there, and i am meeting them there later tonight for the october burger (with bratwurst and peppers and onions on top) - just curious about what to expect.

        2. You're taking about O'Neill's on 3rd and 45th right? www. irishpubny.com/

          I work around the corner and we go there all the time for the $10 burger specials each month. It's really the best value in town.

          What did you think about the october burger?