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Oct 24, 2006 06:34 PM

st. louis - where on so. grand?

which asian restiurant on so. grand do you recommend?

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  1. Wow, that covers a lot of choices.

    Vietnamese choices would be Lemon Grass or Pho Grand. Chinese would be Four Seasons (they also serve Vietnamese). King and I for Thai.

    For something a little different, Cafe Natasha (Kebob Intl) or Sameem's: Persian and Afghan respectively.

    For Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches, try Banh Mi So 1 on far south Grand.

    1. Just this past weekend we ate at Pho Grand and Cafe Natasha. Both were exceptionally enjoyable. The service was very good at both places and the food was fresh and wonderfully prepared at both. Try one of the rice crepe dishes at Pho Grand or pho, the pho ga is really good. We had great koubideh kabob at Cafe Natasha. It's lamb and beef with spices minced together and grilled. It was served with rice and a nice salad. Both places were crowded, but the wait wasn't long at either.

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        will the wait be extremely long this saturday night? we are leaning towards pho grand, lemongrass or 4 seasons. freshman weekend at wash u and my son is craving chinese. it also looks like south grand is close to ted drewes. might as well make it a true st. louis experience.

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          Several notes about your post.

          Most of the restaurants on South Grand are Thai or Vietnamese, not Chinese.

          I was at Pho Grand the week they opened about 15 years ago. Great place. They had six tables at the time. While they have expanded into a new facility, there is generally always a line at the place. When I was there back last December, there was a wait at 2 pm on Saturday afternoon.

          Ted Drewes' Grand Ave location closes around Labor Day. The Chippewa location is open year round (although it also becomes a Christmas tree lot in early December).

          1. re: jlawrence01

            Hello! If your son is truly craving Chinese, I suggest going up to Olive Blvd. in University City. There are several good Chinese restaurants there.

            We like Wonton King, which is very good, and has very friendly service. Mostly Asian clientele, not likely to be on the radar of the hordes of Wash U. parents who will be looking for upscale restaurants in which to treat their kids to a fancy meal ( I speak from experience with my brother & nephew). I love their congee. Wonton King also serves dim sum.

            LuLu on Olive specializes in seafood. We ate there once, had poor service, and walked out after an hour's wait for soup on the second occasion. But that was a couple or three years ago. The food is supposed to be good.

            Jade Garden, about a mile west of I-170 on Olive, also has had very authentic Chinese. Ask for the Chinese menu.

            House of Wong in Clayton is close to campus, is a Sauce award winner that has excellent food. I don't know if they will take a reservation, 314-726-6291, They may be crowded due to their proximity to campus. They have excellent combination lunches, and good vegetarian dishes with some Cambodian dishes as well. I did get my brother & nephew to House of Wong, and we had an excellent meal.

            Mai Lee, Vietnamese on Delmar at I-170 is very good and very popular. My Mom always loved to go for a big bowl of excellent Pho-noodle soup. If it is rainy & cold, this is a great spot for a lunch.

            Enjoy your visit. If the Cards have not wrapped up the World Series, their fans will be home watching the weekend game(s), and not crowding the restaurants!

      2. thanks for all the recs. we went to jade garden on saturday nite and were very impressed. excellent chinese food in st. louis, not what i expected. the top floor was full so we were seated below which was no problem. the food on both the chinese and regular menus were very good and the service was pleasant and helpful. coming fron NY we are not used to helpful service at chinese restaurants. and we were the only non asians on our level which was ok by me. many chinese families out on saturday nite, one table of 12 and two of 8. we especially liked the duck with yellow chives and a chinese green they called hollow greens with garlic. thanks again.