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Oct 24, 2006 06:33 PM

Oishii (the original) take-out suggestions

Getting birthday takeout from Chestnut Hill Oishii tonight - any can't miss items (that'll survive the perilous trek to Cleveland Circle with deliciousness intact)? Thanks!

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  1. oops, hope i'm not too late. my favorites are the rolls named after people. it depends on what you like, but i always find these to be unusual and tasty treats that you can't get elsewhere.

    i'm jealous! have fun tonight!

    1. All of the sushi is fab, I like their spicy tuna hand roll. Also, I really like their chilean sea bass entree. Very nice.

      1. I'm sure you've already had your birthday takeout (Happy Belated) and I hope it was great. Seeing that this is one of the first results when searching for Oishii Takeout on Google, I figure I'd add my two cents to the topic for people in the future. I often have mixed feelings about reviewing such a great place like Oishii... it's a great little restaurant, but at the same time I would like fewer people to go so I could keep the place to myself. :-)

        If you are a big fan of raw fish, the Oishii in Chestnut Hill is incomparable in all of Massachusetts. Whenever going, I ALWAYS have a few orders of sashimi (that's just the fish, no sushi rice). For beginners, I would say the Salmon ("sake") or the leaner Tuna ("maguro") is great. Personally I LOVE the fattier cut of Tuna ("chu toro").

        For those who like fish with sushi rice, pretty much all of their nigiri and maki rolls are great. I'm a huge fan of the shrimp tempura maki and the soft shell crab maki. It's also always interesting to try one of the customer created maki rolls, just to say that you did. The last one I had was Paula's Maki Salmon, which is wasabi roe and avocado inside and salmon, tuna and thin slices of lemon on the outside (you actually eat the slices of lemon, rind and all, along with the sushi).

        I actually haven't tried many of their entrees, but one I have had is the chilean sea bass, and I would back up chefboyardee's comment... it really is a great dish if you aren't looking for sushi.

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          Go with sake/large Saporro, Oishii Tuna Chip, Kobe beef sushi, tempura uni, spicy tuna handroll,foie gras tempura w/dried strawberry, kinzan sake w/gold leaf, Brad's maki, spicy crispy tuna maki (the best!), large Ebi sushi w/tempura shrimp heads, I could go fact I think I'll have dinner there tonight!